Denim Comes Back into Vogue with a Bang

Fashions come and go, but some trends come around faster than others. There are certain types of clothing that every new generation cannot resist trying themselves.
Since the 1950s, each generation has worn denim. Today, it is the turn of the Millennials, and members of Generation Z, to start wearing this iconic fabric, which has been with us for more than 150 years. For the past five years, sales of denim clothes have fallen steadily, but that changed late last year when demand started to grow again. For 2017, denim is definitely back.

Denim shirts are back in vogue
Without a doubt, this year, many people will be going out and treating themselves to a new denim shirt. Right now, there are some really fantastic designs available. This time around the designers have taken a slightly different approach. No one shade of blue, or cut, is dominating, so there is plenty of choice. Without a doubt it is a fashion trend that we will see people from all age groups tapping into.
It is great to see print denim and Chambray shirts becoming widely available. Tapping into modern material print techniques is a allowing designers to produce a fresh new look for this old-fashioned fabric.
Double and triple denim
Another trend that is new for 2017, is dressing in denim head to toe. In the 80s, a lot of people wore denim jackets and jeans together. This year, instead of trying to match the shade of denim worn to produce a uniform look many people are doing the opposite. They are deliberately choosing to wear contrasting shades. For example, pairing light blue jeans with a dark blue denim shirt, or jacket. On some fashion shoots we have also seen the models dressed in triple denim. If you would like to reproduce that look, this article will help you to do it the right way.
Part of the reason that denim is set to be so big in 2017 is that many fashion designers have used 80s fashion as a foundation for their collections. During that whole decade, denim was big. Everyone wore it, so the only way for today´s designers to faithfully recreate the look from that era is to include plenty of denim in their collections.
During much of the 80s one style dominated. Everyone was wearing washed out or stone washed denim, so it is not surprising to see light blue fabrics being widely used this year, as well.
Another trend that started in the 80s is torn, or distressed jeans. This year they are once again widely available.

The 80s vibe is also having an impact on the cut of jeans we are wearing now. After dominating for several years, low-waisted skinny jeans are finally going out of fashion. They are being replaced by high-waisted, baggier cuts, which have proven to be surprisingly popular. In all likelihood, as the year progresses, jeans legs will gradually get wider, but it is unlikely we will see flares come back into fashion, this year.

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