Give Your Life The Upgrades It Deserves

Life is hard - we all know that. There is so much pressure to do well and make the most of the time that you have, and being told this on a regular basis can really wear you down and stress you out!
There are so many beautiful things in life that you should be appreciating. And now it's time that you take the goodness into your own hands and enjoy it. No more waiting around for something awesome to happen - if you want the best - you have to go and get it.
Here's how you can upgrade your life, starting today.

 It’s all about you
What better place to start than you? If you're not happy with certain things, how are you ever going to be able to grow?
The most important thing to remember is that you're not doing it for anyone else - you're doing it for yourself.

If you're not liking how you're looking - change it. Now, this doesn't have to be anything drastic; there are many subtle things that you can do to change and improve your appearance. This starts with the power of makeup.
If you don't know the tricks of contouring, now is the time to learn. You can literally get a new nose without having to cash out on cosmetic surgery! As well as chiseled cheekbones and a bigger pout. It's all about making fake shadows, which create the illusion of different shapes. Follow this will a little highlight and you're good to go. As long as you understand your face shape and what looks right for it - you will hold the power.

Split ends wearing you down, the cut doesn't fit anymore, or maybe the colour has grown out? Do something about it - don't just leave it and feel miserable every time you look in the mirror. March down to a reputable hair salon and tell them what you want! Just please don't do it yourself! Even if it feels right at the time and it seems simple enough to do - just don't. This is exactly how hair disasters begin, and the possibility of your hair falling out or going green just isn't worth the risk!

Now don't think that you need to be ‘on trend’ - if you don't want to follow the mode, you don't have to. But if you haven't yet figured out what your style is, it can be very useful to do some research, so this may mean looking through some magazines, or going online and even following your icons on Instagram. Take in as much as you can, and then you can start playing around, mixing and matching styles, until you find something that suits you.

If your body is letting you down in the sexy department, don't worry, it happens to the best of us. - That isn't a get out card by any means though! If you want a killer body to flaunt around in a bikini this summer, then you're going to have to work real hard.
This doesn't necessarily mean getting a gym membership (unless you want to!) But there are many ways you can get fit without having to join a gym. If you're looking to lose weight, then running is a great option, along with cycling and any other cardio inspired workout. But if you don't actually want to lose weight, but gain muscle instead (thinking about thighs and butts here ladies!) then avoid the cardio and bring in the weights.
An all-rounder exercise is swimming, this not only helps you to burn calories, but it also tones up your whole body.

Healthy lifestyle
This doesn't mean dieting (unless you are overweight and need to lose a few pounds.) Living a healthy lifestyle is all about moderation. So as long as you're not abusing fatty foods every day, then you can have a little naughty snack every now and then. The same goes for a glass of wine.
If you don't eat a lot of fruit and veg - you will want to change that. Try and eat as many different colors a day. This will ensure you are getting the vitamins and minerals you need. Also, drink plenty of water! Experts used to say eight glasses of water a day was enough, but now we are being told to have at least ten to twelve!

Surround yourself with positive people. It's no good having friends if they are negative about life and everything in it, this will only bring you down, and you shouldn't have an outlook like that. So get friends that know how to smile, laugh and enjoy life. You want people that care about you, that will always stay by your side, and will put their hand out and pull you out of a dark place when times get hard. And you should be that person to someone else too. There is so much hate in the world already; it's time to take a stand together and spread the love.

The home is where the heart is right? So how do you expect to improve your life if your heart isn't happy? The first most important thing is to get rid of clutter. You would be surprised at the effect a messy home has on you mentally. If you walk into a disorganized place, how is your mind suppose to stay clear and focused?

New floor
If you're sick of the floral carpet stained with coffee, and the bathroom tiles with the all the dirty grout in between - get rid of it! You can change the whole look of a house just by switching up the floor. Go for something new and fresh. If you're in the living room, why not choose some lovely wood to be put down? Or a good alternative for this would be laminate. It comes in all different forms so it could be made to look like real wood, or even marble if you prefer a more regal look.

Color schemes
Magnolia... This is what most homes have going on inside - magnolia. Do you not think it's time you gave your home some life? Even if it's just a feature wall with a pop of color - that's enough to create some emotion instead of a bland, washed out living space.
If you don't have 'the eye,' then get looking on the internet. There are so many great ideas online that you can browse through, and then when you find what you like - buy the paint or wallpaper and get it sorted. Just make sure it’s suitable for the room. For example, you don’t want to use standard paint for the bathroom; otherwise it will end up running down the walls as soon as you have a hot shower.

As hard as it may be to do - it might be time to let go of that sofa that you've had for years. Sure, you may have shared some unforgettable memories together, but it may be the thing that's keeping your living room from coming alive. So suck it up, throw it out and replace it.
Have a walk around your home, and just take your surroundings in. Whatever looks old (and not in the cool vintage way,) it may be time to upgrade.

Why be jealous of seeing people roll around in their fancy cars while you're miserable with yours. Maybe it doesn't work how it once did, but you're so much more concerned about everything else, that you don't get time to ever fix anything. Well if you don't have the finances to splash the cash out on a brand new car - there's no need. There are many things that you can do in order to customize what you already have.

Get a custom paint job
You can completely transform a car with a lick of paint, making it look like something totally different. So if you're tired of the dull silver - go crazy and paint it orange and name your new baby savanna sunrise... - If that's a little over the top for you, then you don't have to paint the whole thing, you could just go with some funky stripes down the sides.

Get the best tyres
There would be no car if you didn’t buy tyres (and very good ones at that) - fact. These are what you drive on, and any action that you perform in your car like turning, braking and accelerating, all come back to the tyres you have on your car, so never settle just because it seems convenient at the time, you really are getting what you pay for in this department.

Reupholster your interior
This is where you get the chance to be real unique. If you're paying for it, then you should go all out with the color scheme and patterns. Choose something that has to be specifically designed for you so that you will be the only one with a car like that in the whole world!

If you want seats covered in multicolored spots, made out of leather and heats up when you push the button - do it!

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