How To Plan The Perfect Instagramming Holiday

   Alright, let's take a moment and be honest with ourselves and admit that these days, Social Media is a big part of our life. We buy things because we saw it on Instagram and we want our followers to know that we can have them too, we eat fancy food because it looks amazing in pictures and we go places because we saw on Instagram how cool they are and that you can take amazing shots there. Am I right? You know I am and hey, I don't judge because I'm just like you, breathing Social Media through all my pores.

   But you know what? This doesn't need to be a bad thing. Social Media can help you plan your next holiday, for example. Schofields Insurance ran a survey which has shown that more than 40% of the millennials will decide their next holiday destination based on how pretty the destination looks on Instagram. Interesting, right? Their survey went viral and was featured by big names like Harper's Bazaar, the Metro or the Independent.

  Want to know a little secret? I also planned my summer holiday based on the beautiful places that I've seen on Instagram and to tell you the truth, I'm really looking forward to going there and see for myself all the beauty that this place has to offer. Think it was hard? Not at all and to convince you, I've put together a small list of tips that are meant to help you find your perfect holiday destination, with the help of Instagram, of course. Enjoy!

 1. Follow Instagram travel profiles for inspiration - At the beginning, I was doing that because of my love for photography, but them I paid more attention to the places that I was seeing the photos and now I have a huge travel bucket list.

2. Don't forget about the tags - Tags are also important if you want to know an exact location and they can even help you find places that you did not even know they exist. Keep an eye on the travel related tags and who knows what catches you attention.

3. Choose the right destination for you - You can't go on a hiking trip if you hate hiking. The first step to enjoying your vacation is to learn what works for you and to choose the destination that suits best your needs and wishes.

4. Do some research - Do not go to places you know completely nothing about without doing some research first. Before visiting a place make sure you know the type of climate to expect, the activities you can do there, how safe is the place etc.

5. Don't book at the last moment - I did it and it cost me a lot of money and one time, I had to give up my holiday because the weren't any spots available. In conclusion, don't be like me! Book your trip in advance, that way you know you have your spot assured and nothing can go wrong.

 Once you have these things clear, the rest comes for itself and it gets a lot easier. Don't forget to take an extra battery for your phone and to Instagram your whole experience! Have fun!

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