What Can You Do To Help Your Corner Of The Planet Today?

The Paris Climate Agreement simply didn’t work for President Donald Trump’s vision of his America. So he has started the leaving process and left a lot of unanswered questions about America’s stance or proposed actions for the environment. Still, there is much to be done at home and abroad. There are plenty of seemingly small projects we can each tackle that could add up to a big and positive difference. What could you do for your local area today?


There is no doubt that bees play an enormous part in our eco system. They are responsible for much of the pollination of flowers. Attracting bees to your own garden may seem like a scary proposition, but bees rarely harm us. They’re too busy doing their jobs! If you’re feeling brave enough, you could introduce hives to your garden and train to become a beekeeper. Even if you don’t have much space in your garden, you can always use potted plants that attract these busy workers.


Other insects are vital to your local natural habitat too. Many provide a valued food source for local birds and other wildlife that might visit your garden. You can improve the area for insects by keeping your garden green. Instead of paving it over and making a low-maintenance garden, let it grow a little wild. The insects love it, the birds love it, and your local community will benefit from all the beautiful birdsong it will attract. All that can be achieved by having a lawn.

Hedges are very underrated. They are home to small mammals, insects, and birds. Some hedgerows even offer fruits, nuts, and berries for you to eat. The main reason for planting hedges around your property is to keep the air clean. Trees play their part, but the leaves are much higher off the ground than hedges. A hedge is at car exhaust height which can help purify your natural environment and air quality.
Of course, the bushes and hedges in your garden will soon grow wild and obtrusive. If you’re fit and strong, why not offer to help a neighbour to trim their hedge? If it is manageable, they are more likely to keep it instead of ripping it out. Electric hedge trimmers don’t cost much, but they can make very light work of even the most challenging bush. Help a neighbour maintain their hedgerow.
Clean It Up

If you leave everything to your local authority, there is no chance they’ll be able to clean everything all the time. Sure, you pay your taxes, and you do your bit by using the litter bins. But still, there can be lots of litter blown over the parks and streets. And fly tippers make every community miserable. Volunteer a couple of hours to a cleanup and everyone will enjoy a much better and safer environment. You’ll be saving wildlife from injury and young children from illnesses.
Dog mess is awful. It is loaded with very harmful germs and bacteria. It smells horrendous, and it ruins good shoes (and wheelchairs and prams.) If you look at websites like doodycallsdirect.com, you’ll find plenty of tools and ideas for helping your local community keep their parks clean and safe for everyone. Would you be prepared to poop scoop your local park today? It’s not a pleasant job, but it could prevent injury or illness.
A Day Off

If you commute to work in your car, would your boss be willing to give you a day of remote working from home? There are plenty of ways you can give your car a day off. Imagine how much money you could save if you only used it 4 days a week instead of 5? That’s a twenty percent saving in fuel straight away. Best of all, that’s twenty percent fewer emissions and carbon harming the environment. So how can you do that?

Car sharing with one person saves half your fuel bill. Car sharing with two will save two-thirds. You get the idea! If you think the other car sharers are a little out of the way, why don’t you each cycle to the other’s house? It’s a great way to save money, improve your fitness, and help the environment by reducing emissions.
Other ways to leave your car at home include shopping daily on foot instead of doing a big shop with the car each week. You could use public transport or cycle. Why not consider an electric powered car? Would you be willing to change your lifestyle a little so you could leave your car at home?
Can Your House Help?

It may be warm right now, but winter will come again. It is thought that some of the problems of climate change and environmental impact could be caused by our heating systems. Older boilers tend to gobble up more gas and offer less heat than the latest models. Of course, the most up to date boiler is a lot safer than an old one too. If you can’t stretch to a new boiler, don’t panic. There are plenty of other ways to reduce the heat lost and the gas used.
Add another layer of insulation to your loft. It’s best to leave this to the pros as that stuff is itchy! Check all your windows and exterior doors seal completely to avoid drafts. The fuzzy draft excluder around the frame thins over time. Buy some spare so you can run it around the windows or door as needed. Have you checked the BTU of your radiators? Some are inadequate for the room. This means you need the heating on for longer and still feel a chill. Finally, check your hot water tank (if you have one) is fully insulated to stay hot for longer.
It’s not just the big factories and power plants that pollute our environment. We can each reduce our own impact by making a few subtle changes. And if you’re willing to help others keep this little corner of globe clean, we can all enjoy a healthier environment.

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