Bringing Smartphones to the Office: A Good Idea?

Can mobile phones in the office be helpful? A lot of business owners were skeptical of the idea for a long time, and employees who were found using phones at their desk could often find themselves reprimanded in some way. While that hasn’t changed exactly - an employee browsing Facebook on their phone when they’re supposed to be working will never look good! - there’s certainly been a lot of relaxation when it comes to using phones in the office. It’s important to understand the risks that come with using them if you want to introduce these devices to your business model, however.

Security implications

One of the key problems with people bringing their own phones into the office has to do with security. Integrating personal devices with the workplace leaves you open to certain threats if you’re not careful. Ensure that employees are only connecting to the office network as opposed to. Nearby WiFi hotspots can be compromised by someone on the outside. has some good cybersecurity tips. And what if someone needs to transfer company data from the office network to their mobile phone? How can you ensure that this practice isn’t abused? And, with the increased amount of tech in the office, you’ll probably need to consider boosting physical security, too.


If you’re running a business that wants employees to use smartphones to ease work processes, then you’re going to have to buy them - which, of course, introduces quite a bit of expense into the proceedings! There are, of course, businesses out there that probably need office smartphones in order for work to be completed, such as game or web developers. There are websites out there like that can help offset the cost of phone ownership or assist in getting phones when in precarious financial situations, when can be very useful for businesses that have such requirements.

Internal network performance

When you have a whole office of workers connecting to your WiFi through their phones, the bandwidth of your office broadband can end up being spread pretty thin. You may have to give your Internet connection a bit of a boost when it comes to speed! has a handy list of the best Internet service providers for business purposes that you should consider. Fast and reliable Internet is crucial to your business anyway, but it becomes even more important when you’re increasing usage by adding a bunch of mobile phones into the mix!


Then, of course, there are distractions to consider. Smartphones are nothing is not devices that are perfect for distractions whenever someone feels bored or the sudden the urge to check something. Office managers will probably be fighting against smartphone-related distractions until offices no longer exist, but does this mean we should completely dismiss the idea of bringing phones into the workplace? At the end of the day, they can help ease communication and data transference across the office. A lot of workers also use their smartphones to complete certain tasks or edit documents when they’re not at their desk. So they do bring a lot of benefits - managers just need to be prepared to tackle the risks!

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