Fighting The Gender Divide: How We Can All Help


There always seems to be various articles in newspapers and the online media about the gender divide. But what exactly is it, and how does it affect us?

Well, the gender divide is the disproportionate representation of men and women in the workplace. In most companies, the majority of high-level management is made up of men. Most boards of chairs are mainly men as well. In fact, many important panels are only made up of men. As a result, many women find it difficult to get into high-paying jobs even if they have all the skills and knowledge that the position requires. This then produces a pay gap, and many women end up getting paid a lot less than their male counterparts. Even in the same job sometimes!

As you can see, it is incredibly important that we continue to fight this gender divide in the workplace so that women can be correctly represented and receive a salary that reflects their role and responsibilities. Only then will we be on an equal footing as our male peers. But how do we fight it? Here are some great tips.

Promote Recruitment Drives Aimed At Women

Some industries are traditionally thought of as male industries. That’s because, in the past, only men have had the jobs and roles in these positions. These include industries such as engineering and finance. However, things are starting to change, and that is all because these industries are now promoting recruitment drives that are aimed at women. When women go to these science recruitment events and fairs, for example, they can learn about life in the science industry. These events open up women’s eyes so that they realize that the industry isn’t so male-dominated.

Continue Campaigning

There are lots of campaigns that aim to put an end to the gender divide and gender pay gap. It is important that people continue to support these campaigns right until they achieve exactly what they set out to do. So, if you ever see a petition that is related to the gender divide, you should always sign and support it. It is also worth joining demonstrations and protests, as every little helps to make the professional world a better place for women to be!

Prevent Discrimination In The Workplace

Employers and HR departments can go a long way to help end the gender divide and gender pay gap. Firstly, as the HR team will set each employees’ salary, it is important that they ensure that their male and female employees all receive the same wage for the same job. It is also important that the recruitment process doesn’t discriminate against either gender. So, if you do run your own business, it is important that you are mindful when you are hiring new workers. Ideally, you should aim for a 50-50 split of male and female employees.

As you can see, we can all help fight the gender divide. We just need to work together to make the world a better place for everyone!

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