International Relations - When Someone Moves From Another Country To Be With You

Love works in mysterious ways, it doesn't take a genius to know that! But the issues we all have when we fall in love with someone, unfortunately, do not fit into the confines of the real world. It's difficult when we've met someone that lives in another country and while the intentions are always good to maintain a relationship over several thousand miles there comes the point where one of you has to take the plunge and you either move over there to be with them or they move over to be with you. If somebody comes to you, you need to understand a few things.

Understand everything they're giving up
They may have a career, family, and a whole way of life that they are severing to be with you, and this is a decision that neither of you will have taken lightly. But even though they have decided to come to you, it's still important to bear in mind what it is they have given up to be with you. It's a big ask, so make sure that you appreciate this. Just because they come to you doesn't mean that you are the one with the upper hand in this relationship and it should not be this way. Make every effort with your partner’s family and friends, and make every effort to keep in contact and to get to know them whether via Facebook, Skype, or email.

Be aware of the culture shock
Just because they've come over a few times and like the place doesn't mean that they will settle in straight away or even get along with this way of life. The most obvious example is the communication barrier, and if they are in the process of learning English then as well as you making every effort to practice with them you need to be extending the olive branch and work to communicate in their native language. Luckily with English being the most commonly used language on the planet, there are plenty of opportunities for your partner to practice and there are numerous online courses like Effortless English Club which caters for those people who are semi fluent but still require a bit more help. The culture shock doesn't just extend to language, but you need to be doing your best to make them feel as welcome to your friends and family as you possibly can.

They will get upset
Being thousands of miles away from home in a new, different life, with a new job, and literally feeling like an alien on occasion, will result in a lot of tears. You need to know how hard it is for them to do something you take for granted. Communication breakdowns could occur all too regularly, and they will get frustrated, but they are trying to adapt as best as they can. Love is not a thing of practicalities, unfortunately, but when someone you love has come a long way to be with you, you need to find those practicalities. And as time goes, on and your relationship gets stronger and you begin to discuss things like getting engaged it is then you will realize how much you have done for each other.

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