Unique Wedding Ideas Guaranteed to Make your Day Unforgettable

Everyone dreams of an unforgettable wedding experience, and with so many taking place each year, it can be a struggle to do something that’s totally unique. I’m not talking extravagant circus performers, wild animals or a weird fancy dress theme that no one really wants to do, but rather little touches that will really make your guests remember your day.

The wedding favours
Wedding favours are a really nice touch and are a great way of thanking your guests for putting the effort in to attend your special day – some may have travelled far or paid for accommodation so it’s nice for them to know that they are appreciated. Obviously, planning a wedding comes with a budget and it might be that you are a little strapped for cash. There are plenty of ideas for wedding favours that may require a little DIY or imagination, but certainly won’t break the bank. It’s no secret that the best favours come in edible form – so why not fill plain jars with colourful sweets (love hearts are great for weddings), ingredients to make cookie dough (the cookie jar) or even hot chocolate and marshmallows so your guests can enjoy the perfect cup of cocoa. Low budget, but definitely a crowd pleaser.
The Invitations
It’s bad enough deciding who you can and can’t have at your wedding (do distant second cousins twice removed really need an invite?)  but printing out the invitations can also seem like a daunting task. First you have the design to consider…minimalist? Shabby Chic? And then it’s what do you even want to say?! Cheesy message or straight to the point? Of course, there are fun and quirky alternatives to your regular paper or card printed invites which are likely to get lost, bent or ruined totally – why not print the details on a piece of wood? It’s cool, fun and rustic as well as meaning the invite is extra durable – no excuses that the dog ate it! Don’t like that idea? What about a fridge magnet  - your special day will be remembered every time your guests feel peckish!
The Food and Drink
Of course, your big day does involve feeding your guests, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a mundane meat and two veg affair and it really doesn’t have to exceed your budget if you’re clever about it. If you’re having a summer wedding, why not hire two giant BBQ’s and throw on a load of meat, fish and a veggie option (grilled aubergine, stuffed peppers or Portobello mushrooms can work really well)? You can then have a range of side salads and nice bread which can either be put on the tables in front of your guests or set aside as a ‘help yourself’ option. As for the drink? Why not treat your guests to a pre-reception beverage by making a ‘cocktail of the day’ of your choice (as well as a mocktail version) and serving it up whilst guests wait to be seated?
…And for the kids
If you’re not a child person and don’t want kids at your wedding then that is totally up to you, it’s your special day. However, if you do specify that kids are welcome, you’ll have to be prepared to entertain them in some way so that their parents can still enjoy the ‘adult’ side of the party. A great way to do this is to find a room (or tent) at your venue and hire one or two babysitters. Fill it with DVD’s, games, colouring equipment, snacks and sweets and you can guarantee they’ll be entertained for hours….now where’s that dancefloor.

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