What to Wear To Guarantee Your Dream Job

Have you received that phone call for the perfect job, yet have absolutely nothing to wear? Finding the perfect outfit for a job interview can be daunting, and if you choose to buy a new outfit, it can also be costly. The hardest part of choosing an outfit for your upcoming interview is not knowing whether it will be the right look for the position you are applying for. With these style ideas, you will impress the interviewer so much they may eve consider to ask you to start at that moment.

Whether you have applied for a position in event planning on sourceme or sent your application directly to a marketing company, you will still need to dress to impress. However, overdoing it can deter many interviewers. It is best to dress simply, yet elegantly. Matching a waist high business skirt with either a tucked blouse or plain tee shirt can give the impression that you haven’t tried too hard when dressing, yet you will also ooze professionalism. Remember to stay simple when choosing your outfit. Bold colors or prints can leave you open for judgment.


Keep your makeup light and simple. Your potential employer does not want to see what you look like on a Saturday night, but rather how you present yourself to their clients. Unless you’re a makeup artist, there is no point for excess bronzer and bright eye shadows. Stick to minimal bronzer, a light foundation, and neutral colored eye makeup. If you feel too pale from minimal bronzer, you could always use a BB cream or tinted moisturiser. You can always add a touch of blush for a splash of color. You may also want to add a touch of lipstick for the interview, just ensure it matches the natural look you are trying to achieve.


With your hair, it is important to style it. There is nothing worse than seeing someone walking around with unbrushed, or untidy hair. Not doing your hair neatly and professionally for a job interview takes away from the effort you have put in with your clothes and makeup. If you have long hair, you may opt for a blow dry, or a professional up-do. If you have short hair, you may want to use gel to ensure your hair sits perfectly, or blow dry it into a professional doo. Consider what suits you best, and go with that.


Wearing your most precious jewels all at once can exude pompousness. Try to stick to elegant, but subtle jewellery when dressing for an interview. You would not want someone to turn you down for a job because you are wearing too much bling. Matching your outfit with a simple necklace, a pair of diamond or pearl studs, and a simple matching bracelet provides the perfect balance to your outfit. If you wear rings, ensure they are not statement rings. Keeping an engagement ring on for an interview is fine, but any other ring that takes up half of your finger is probably best left for after hours.


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