Why I Love Dublin

 Dublin is an amazing city bursting with gorgeous architecture and culture. It's a magical city that you really have to visit and that's why it makes a perfect weekend getaway. If I still did not manage to convince you, here are a few reasons why I love this city so much and why I think you should visit it. Enjoy!

 People are very friendly - Many surveys have shown that Dublin is among the friendliest cities in the world. People are friendly, warm and very helpful and you don't find that in many countries, trust me!

Walking is king - Dublin is relatively a small city, so getting around especially in the city centre is quite easy. If you are not a big fan of walking, you can easily use an address lookup and see exactly where you have to go without losing precious time that can be used doing fun things.

Great architecture - This ancient city was first settled by Vikings and has remains from different episodes of history. The area around Trinity College is pretty impressive and amazing and I won't even begin to tell you about those gorgeous coloured doors that look like they just came out of a fairy tale.

Lots of green spaces - The nature in Ireland is among the prettiest of Europe and it's pretty accessible too. You can find a lot of beautiful parks in Dublin where you can take long walks or have a picnic if the weather allows you to.

Irish pubs - The Irish pubs are famous worldwide. You can always find good live music there together with a fresh Guinness beer. There are a lot of pubs in Dublin, but the Temple Bar is a staple that you really have to visit. If you prefer a less touristy location, you have plenty of other locations to chose from.

Irish food - The city enjoys a growing reputation as a culinary destination and is rapidly expanding its edible riches — quality restaurants, casual eateries and cafes as well as a vast multicultural menu. You can try Irish stew, traditionally made with mutton, onions and potatoes; colcannon and champ, both made from potatoes; and Clonakilty black pudding, a blood sausage dish. Also worth sampling: Fresh seafood staples such as shellfish and salmon.

There are plenty of other reasons that make me love this city so much, but I'll leave them up to you to discover, because it's really a great city that you should visit if you get the chance.

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