4 Features to look for when investing in a garment steamer

If you are looking to invest your hard-earned money on a garment steamer, then this article will definitely be of great help. We all know that the market today is filled with various models of garment steamer. And if you don’t prepare beforehand, you might end up wasting your whole day on just choosing the garment steamer for you. It is always best to determine what you need and have a checklist in order to quickly eliminate and separate the good models from the bad ones. With that in mind, here are 4 features to look for when choosing a garment steamer from our friends at Steamer Reviews.

Water Reservoir capacity

The water tank is definitely one of the most important features that you should look into when buying a garment steamer. It is literally the tank that will fuel your garment steamer into working its magic with the fabrics. If you end up with a garment steamer with a very small capacity then you will end up wasting a lot of time on refilling the tank every time it runs dry. Furthermore, garment steamers tend to get damaged if the water tank dries up while it still in use, this causes the motor to heat up causing damage even to the point of it bursting. Thus, if you get a garment steamer with a low capacity and end up with frequent refilling, then you will definitely be risking your steamer to possible dry-ups. Try to determine how long will you be using the garment steamer on a regular day and from there, select the garment steamer with the tank that can last for your preferred duration.


More power means more steam penetration. Therefore, you need to decide on how powerful the garment steamer must have, for heavy usage, you can go up to 1700 watts. This kind of garment steamers can surely penetrate even the thickest of fabrics and can last long sessions of heavy usage. For regular use, you can opt for the decent 500 – 800 watts. Remember that wattage is directly related to the electricity consumption, so getting a very powerful garment steamer when you don’t even need much is just pure waste of money.

Other Useful Features and Add-ons

With so many models in the market boasting all kinds of features or should I say - gimmicks, you would definitely find it hard to choose the best. You will be easily swept away with their catching tag phrases and advertising schemes. However, if you just consider the useful features and add-ons, then you will easily be able to separate the good ones with the bad ones. A good garment steamer should only have a few useful add-ons and advertise features that present advantages. Being an appliance that should be compact and easy to store, useless add-ons and features will only make it bulkier and heavy. For your reference, here are useful features that you must find when buying a garment steamer.

•    Long power cord
•    Automatic power-off when water tank is empty
•    Built-in hanger
•    Wheels for mobility
•    Collapsible or can be disassembled parts for easier storage
•    Dual voltage
•    Lint brush
•    Led warning lights

Storage and mobility

And last but not least on this list is the storage and mobility of the garment steamer. Garment steamers were developed in order to address the issue of space consumed when using traditional irons. They are designed to be compact and highly mobile. Thus, for home use, garment steamers should have wheels for easier movement.  And for travel, a garment steamer should be compact and collapsible so it can easily fit in your luggage.

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