4 Tips For Visiting A Loved One In The Hopsital

The idea for this post came to me two years ago, when I gave birth to my daughter, but it's only now that I've actually had the time to sit down and think the situation through and in the end managed to make a list of tips that will come in handy if you have to visit a loved one in the hospital.

 I know, you're probably thinking that you don't need me or an article how to behave, but I've been in the patients shoes and I know that sometimes, visitors don't know the rules when it comes to visiting someone in the hospital and that's why I think such an article would come in handy. Enjoy!

1. Make sure you are healthy - If you feel that you're coming down with a cold, or you experience symptoms that can be contagious, it is better if you send a card or call then go to the hospital and expose your loved one and the other patients to your germs. If you had a cold before and now you're planning on going to the hospital, make sure you wash your hands properly and sanitize them very well before you get into contact with your loved one. Germs spread incredibly fast and you can take them even from the remote control and that's why a strict hygiene is very important.

2. Ask for permission before you go - You probably think that if it's a family member, you don't need to ask for permission, but you're wrong. While all the patient love to receive visits from their loved ones and have a chat, sometimes they really don't feel up to it. I remember the day that I gave birth. Everyone wanted to come to visit me and see the baby, but I was so exhausted and all that I wanted was to get some rest. So, give your loved one a call, ask if it's ok to visit and if not, reschedule the visit for another day.

3. Don't stay too much - Another problem that visitors often don't take into consideration is the duration of the visiting time. It is wonderful to chat with your loved one, but it's also bad tiring them with a long visit. It is also important to leave the room if the doctor or nurse comes into the room to discuss treatment or private medical information. If you believe that your loved one did not receive the right treatment, you can always make contact with the medical negligence solicitors London.

4. Be considerate - Always put your phone on silent mode or even close it, before you enter the hospital. Even if your loved one is alone in the room, it's polite to have your phone closed and not be distracted by it in case someone calls you. It is also nice to bring a lovely bunch of flowers, or a fruit basket. If your loved one has to spend more than two days in the hospital, it's always nice to bring in some books or magazines to help the time pass faster.

These are the tips that I think are the most important to know when you're visiting your loved one in the hospital. If you have other tips that you would want to add to this list, don't be shy and leave them in the comment section below.

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