Installing an Extra Shower in Your Home

In most families, one thing that is almost guaranteed to cause disagreements is the queue for the bathroom. When the kids are young it is less of a problem. At that age, getting them to have a bath is a struggle, but as soon as they reach their teenage years that all changes. Then, getting them out of the bathroom is the problem.
One way around the issue is to install an extra shower somewhere in the home. This is far easier to do than you may think. Large retailers like Better Bathrooms regularly have sales, so you can often pick up what you need without having to spend a fortune.

Potential locations for a new shower
The way modern showers work means that you can install them in all kinds of places. All you need is a room with a spare corner, and the ability to put the drainage in the right place. It is even possible to set one up in your garage, and in some cases in an outhouse or garden room. If you are planning a loft extension, it is always worth including some sort of shower or bathroom in your plans.
Hire a professional
Your local builder, or plumber, will be able to advise you about which location is best. In theory, you can do the installation yourself. But, in most cases, hiring a plumber is a much better option. They fully understand local building regulations and know how to make sure that the waste water drains away properly.
If you plan to install a tank-less shower, it is particularly important that you hire a professional to do the work. This type of shower needs power, so you need a good understanding of electrics to be able to install one safely.
How will you heat the space?
When you choose where to install your shower think about how practical the location is. For example, it needs to be warm enough to use in the winter.
Providing enough ventilation
It is particularly important that the area is well ventilated. This is the only way to stop mould from developing.
Noise and privacy
You also need to think about noise. The walls need to be thick enough to contain the sound of the shower running and provide enough privacy for the person using it.
If the shower is likely to be used early in the morning, or late at night it needs to be located somewhere that will not disturb others. Installing a shower in the corner of your teenage son´s bedroom may seem like a good idea, at first. But, in a few years, when he starts shift/work and you are woken up at 5 am every morning you will be sorry you installed it so near your bedroom. If you have no choice but to install it against a bedroom wall, read this article to find out how to insulate the walls to keep noise levels to a minimum.

Provided you follow the advice above, you will end up with extra bathroom space that is suitable for everyone in the family to use. Often, you will also add value to your home, and make it more attractive to potential buyers should you ever need to sell.

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