5 Gift Ideas For Teenagers

  Soon, my daughter will have her birthday and although I still have plenty of time, I already started to look for the perfect present for her. Easy peasy, you might think, but trust me, it isn't! Gone are the days when she was a little girl and a toy made her happy. Now she's grown up, she's a teenager and her tastes are different. Since I struggled a lot in finding the perfect gift for her, I thought that a post with gift ideas for teenagers might come in handy for other parents that are in the same situation. Enjoy!

1. Clothes or shoes - You might think that this is not a proper present because we need to buy clothes for our children anyway but it's not quite so. For example, my daughter wanted for a long time a pair of sneakers that she saw in a magazine. Since I knew that she wants them very bad, I decided that this would be the perfect gift for her, this year.

2. Stationery - I don't know about your children, but mine inherited my stationery addiction. She loves to collect notebooks, pens, everything that's trendy at the moment she wants to have in her collection. And what's trendy right now, you might ask. Well, this year she is crazy for unicorn stationery.

3. Books - Reading will never be considered outdated, so giving a book as a gift to your child is a perfect idea.

4. Taking a cooking class together - My daughter loves to cook together with me, so I thought that a cooking class together was a good idea. If you have a child that enjoys cooking very much you can do the same. You can also think of dancing lessons, music courses and so on.

5. Accessories - A lovely pair of earrings, a nice scarf, or some good gloves. Nice and practical gifts that, for sure, will make an impression.

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