Dream Holiday-Home Locations

Everyone dreams of owning a second home somewhere beautiful and exotic, where they can escape from their regular life for a week r so. A holiday home can also drive its revenue by renting it out when you’re not using it. Whenever you go on good vacation, there’s a moment where you just don’t want to leave, and you half-seriously consider what it would be like to live there.

And then there are the times when you just long to be able to hop on a plane and go to a place where you don’t have to think about anything. Here’s a list of dream holiday home locations around the world.

London, England

Let’s start with the obvious, who wouldn’t want a London apartment looking over the Thames and a mere stone’s throw away from some of the most historical buildings in the world. England has some amazing cities, but apart from having a real life Royal Family, London offers some of the best shopping districts, world acclaimed museums, and the West End, and actual pubs. Who could want more?

New York, USA

For all the same reasons as London, but with the American flair that is so rooted in this city. The Big Apple has everything to offer, from Broadway to the Statue of Liberty. From chic coffee houses to the best pizza in the US. A New York apartment, high up in a skyscraper, overlooking the city would be a dream.

Florence, Italy

For a slower paced city, Florence is a calming place filled to the brim with culture. Being the birthplace of Leonardo Di Vinci, Florence was the centre of art for centuries. You can get lost in the winding streets and enjoy the sun in the open Piazzas.


This beautiful island is any beach-lover's dream. With a multitude of harbours and an almost unbroken coral reef, diving and snorkelling would become a daily must. A villa from Luxury Locations, set high in the hills sounds perfect, and the hills strewn with fortresses and military camps would make any rambler happy.


Bali is a diverse island, with bustling towns and spread-out houses across the island. But really, living anywhere on Bali would be great, nowhere is unreachable in a day. The island has chic towns, bars and shopping districts. As well as traditional buildings and activities.


With the whole country only taking up 200 hectares, the place feels like one big city. It is (amazingly) a tax haven, with no income tax on the residents, which makes you want to snap up a home from Icon property even quicker! It also attracts some serious high rollers - meaning that the shopping and food are super high-quality. The grand Prix has also hosted here annually, which is a big tick for car lovers.

Paris, France

Monaco’s next door neighbour, France is beautiful, and Paris is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. Living in a chateau anywhere in this country would be wow, but nothing could beat an apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

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