Great Tips On How To Revamp Your Attic

   In my opinion, the attic is the most versatile room in the whole house. Why is that? Well, first of all, it's an extra space that might come in handy when you have a bigger family or you just want to have that special room in the house that's just for you.

  The possibilities are really endless when it comes to attic decoration ideas, but first of all, there are some things you need to get checked before you start even thinking of decorating. So, if you want to get some attic inspiration ideas and you want to know how you can transform your old attic into something really amazing, read on!

As I said before you start looking for the perfect wallpaper and furniture, you need to get your attic checked and see if it's even possible for you to transform it into a room. You need to make sure your attic is isolated, that way you know you won't have problems and you will also save money on energy.

  No matter what decoration theme you choose for your attic, you have to keep in mind that natural light is the key. Sure, you might think that a few lamps might do the trick, but trust me, they won't. Natural light makes the room look bigger and brighter, so there's no reason to skip it. Roof windows are the go-to choice for bringing natural light into an attic room. If you don't want to have the sunlight into the room all day, you can easily pick up some special blinds like these.

  After you have all these things checked, it's time to start thinking about how you would like the room to look like. After I gave birth to my second daughter, we decided that it's best to turn out attic into a playroom. We kept things quite simple, we painted the walls in bright colours, added some shelves for the books and toys. For the windows, we went for the VELUX Disney Dream collection, because my daughter is a big Disney fan. It's a very cosy room and it became our favourite room of the house in no time.

  Of course, you can also decide to add another bathroom to the house and decorate your attic accordingly or turn it into a game room or extra bedroom, the possibilities are endless, but keep in mind that the small details count and make that room extra special.

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