Birthday Wishlist

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm always making wishlists. For everyone and for everything. It's my way of being organized and keep track of what everyone wants. Of course, I could not skip my birthday and since time is not my best friend these days, I mostly shop online. It's easier and I can do it from the comfort of my own home and at any hour. Another plus for online shopping is the fact that you can look at several shops at the same time and find the best buys. Nice, huh?

 You can do that, or you can check out Love the sales. Love the Sales bring you sales items from more than 100 retailers and over 1000 brands in real time. Imagine how much time we get to save, no more looking at hundreds of sites for the best offer, you only have one page with all the offers available at the moment, pretty cool, right? I thought so too!

Of course, I had to spend a whole day on the site to check out the offers and of course, I found some really good offers and because friends tell each other everything, I will share with you my finds and what I want to have for my birthday.

   If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I am a huge UGG fan. If it would be after me, I would wear Uggs all year round and every single time that I find them on sale it's a big celebration. I found a lot of lovely models on sale on Love the sales, but the ones that I wanted for a long time and the ones that I will get, are these two. Simple, classy and comfy. A real treat!

  Well, it wouldn't be a wishlist of mine if it didn't include a few handbags as well. From the handbags sale, I picked an Alexander Wang tote, because it's very spacious and since we aren't out of the diaper bag period with my baby girl, I thought that this tote can serve two functions, diaper bag, and handbag at the same time. The second bag that I picked, it's only for mummy and it's a bag from Coach. I love their sleek models and this one is gorgeous!

   I've had Ted Baker on my wishlist since forever and although I am a flats kind of girl, I could not resist in front of those cute sandals. I mean, a girl has to be elegant too, right?

Of course, I have many other things on my birthday wishlist, like makeup, perfumes, and clothes, but since my husband will probably read this post I will stop here, don't want to give him a headache or anything worse.

Anyway, since the holidays are coming soon, you might want to take a look on Love the sales and see what great offers you can find. You really don't want to wait too long, trust me! Nothing hunts you like the things you didn't buy :)

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