Easy Ways to Lose Weight

People are getting fatter by the decade and we’ve been at a loss as to why this is. It’s not just that portion sizes has got bigger, as there are more and more diets out there, as well as exercise programmes and nutrition advice a-go-go.
It seems that modern lifestyles are just as much to blame for our expanding waistlines, so if you’re looking for a relatively easy fix, here are some ideas for lightening your load.

Stay frosty
No-one likes being cold and shivering, but being slightly cold – not cold enough to stimulate shivering – is actually good for the metabolism. The amount of energy needed to maintain the healthy body temperature of 37C is up to 30% of our daily calorie usage – as long as the ambient temperature is low enough. Aim for around 17C in your home – any colder and you’ll feel uncomfortable – as this can rev up your metabolism to maintain your core temperature. It’s also a great idea if you want to make your heating oil delivery from supersaveroil.ie to last that little bit longer.

Drink more water
Our brains can sometimes confuse the signals for thirst with the signals for hunger; so, if you often feel “snacky”, try drinking a glass of water and wait for ten minutes. If your hunger abates, you were thirsty, not hungry. Think about it, if your false hunger leads to you eating a biscuit once or twice a day, that’s up to an excess 200 calories each day, every week, every year.

Eat more protein
Protein takes a long time to digest so it makes you feel full for longer. It also prevents the peaks and troughs in your blood sugar levels that cause you to feel shaky and hungry again 20 minutes after a sugary snack. Low blood sugar often has people reaching for more sugar and so a vicious cycle begins, leading in some cases to obesity and diabetes.

Don’t clean up too thoroughly
Some amazing research into gut flora is uncovering the role these tiny bugs have in keeping us slim. It seems that an imbalance of bacteria strains in the gut can make people fat. Some research has found that carb-loving bugs hold sway in the guts of heavier people, while slimmer types tend to have a greater variety of microbes, each strain maybe doing a different job. To encourage a greater variety of gut bacteria, don’t wash fresh produce too much and include some raw fruit and vegetables in your daily intake. Try to cut down on your use of anti-bacterial sprays in the kitchen and use good old-fashioned soap and water instead, as our environment is becoming increasingly sterile. This doesn’t mean you should stop observing food hygiene altogether though, as some bacteria definitely shouldn’t hang around anywhere. Let the kids play in the dirt every now and then and cut out as much over-processed beige food as you possibly can.

Have the odd treat

There’s no point in depriving yourself of that hot chocolate, or that slice of cake, if the rest of your diet is pretty healthy. Having treats is enjoyable and stops you from obsessing over “forbidden” foods.

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