The Best Electric Cars Of 2017

The automotive world is fast moving towards hybrid and electric technology. However, the new industry is still in its infancy, and so lots of motorists have no idea which models they should select. This article will highlight three of the most popular choices when it comes to swapping your vehicle for something that helps to protect the planet.

Volkswagen e-UP

If you’re looking for a quiet city car that can weave in and out of traffic with ease, you can’t go wrong with the electric version of the Volkswagen Up. The only issue is that it costs twice as much as the petrol version at the moment.

Nissan Leaf

Out of all the cars on this list, the Nissan Leaf offers the best value by far. It’s another small Astra-sized city car that will get commuters from A to B without creating pollution. Buyers get 124 miles of range according to the manufacturer.

Toyota Mirai

If you fancy a high-class saloon car that’s perfect for business use, look no further! The Toyota Mirai is a wonder to behold, and it is marvelous to drive. Powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, the vehicle is quiet, comfortable, and reliable.

With those tips in mind, you just have to decide how you’re going to get hold of your dream electric car. As most people should know, leasing is a popular option when it comes to driving vehicles of that nature. The infographic below should assist in setting the record straight on that.

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