4 Tips choosing the best beach wedding dress

Choosing the perfect wedding dress may be challenging for some. You’ve got to consider a lot of things. Your budget, your figure, the type of dress, and so on. But if you’re gunning for a beach wedding, the search becomes much simpler. Looking for a beach destination wedding dresses is not hard at all. For one, it doesn’t demand the glam that indoor weddings require. You’ve got nature as your backup and you need only to complement it. Here are 4 tips to choosing the best beach wedding dress that will help you in your wedding planning:

1. Choose your fabric wisely
Since you’re having a beach wedding, expect a lot of heat and sunshine coming your way during the ceremony. It’s important to choose a fabric that’s comfortable to the skin and at the same time light and breathable. Choose something that flows beautifully and is comfortable to wear. Popular materials are chiffon and charmeuse so you may want to check them out.

When you’ve determined your body type and the ideal style for your shape, it’s time to tackle the right design. Keep your gown simple by focusing on the fabric layering and the style. Beads and too much details can weigh your dress down and is not advisable for an outdoor wedding.

2. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous
Depends on how formal you want to hold your wedding, don’t be afraid to try new things. If you’re upset that you may not get a lot of details on your gown for fear of it getting heavy, try experimenting with colors and prints. A lot of brides are going crazy for floral printed gowns. In today’s time, you’re not even confined to wearing just white. It’s all your call. Go crazy with your options. For sure you’ll still come out strikingly beautiful on your special day.

3. Keep the length and cut in check
Beach wedding dresses are normally cut to ankle length only to allow the bride to walk comfortably on sand, and to avoid tripping over. But of course it still depends on the type of platform you’ll be marching in during the wedding. Some beach resorts offer paved outdoor pavilions so you can still consider getting a dress with a train. Ultimately, your dress should be in the proper length that you can manage.

4. Consider your shoes

Sandals and flats are great options for wedding dresses since you can easily slip on and off of them. Don’t even think of sporting a stiletto, it’s for your own safety and you very well know why. Avoid wearing wedges or anything with high heels unless you want to burden yourself walking. Stylish ballet flats or gladiator sandals are good options. Don’t forget to bring an extra pair too in case you need a change for the reception program. And most importantly, since your feet will be pretty much bared out all the time, don’t skip your pedicure and get a foot spa too!

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