Housewarming Gifts that are Actually Welcome

What do you do when a good friend or family member moves into a new home? Chances are you get them the usual bottle of cheap wine, a simple six-pack or bouquet of flowers to celebrate. Although there’s nothing wrong with any of those things, chances are that's what everyone else will have got them too, and what was initially a welcome gift will become a reason for eye-rolling.
So what do you do? If you’ve been invited to a housewarming party and you want to rock up with something really special, give them one of these gifts that will actually be welcome…

A Pretty Plant

Instead of presenting them with a bouquet of flowers, which will admittedly brighten the place up for a few days, why not buy them a long-lasting plant or flower instead. Orchids, bonsai trees and terrariums planted with pretty succulents are all beautiful gifts that are sure to blow your hosts away, perhaps, unless they're planted killers. Maybe check their green-fingered status first!

A Drinking Game

They’ll already have lots of beer, wine and who knows what other kinds of liquor which have been gifted to them, so why not ensure the party goes with a swing by getting them one of these great drinking games? Providing they’re the type that loves to party and you choose a game that will appeal to them, they’ll love it!

A Toolbox

Seriously, it might seem like the worst gift you could possibly give, but for a couple who are just starting out, for example, gifting them a toolbox stocked up with all the basics they’ll need to keep their home in good repair, will be seriously welcome. You can always pretty it up with a nice bow or something!

A Food Hamper

If they’re just moving in, chances are they’ll be spending a lot of time unpacking and getting everything just right, which means they won’t have much time to cook. So, why not gift them some food in the form of a luxury hamper? They’re sure to love it, and it’ll save them from ordering so many unhealthy takeouts too!


I include this one hesitantly because everyone’s tastes are different, but if you know for sure what kind of art floats your friend’s boat, then buying them a nice piece of artwork with which they can christen their new walls, is sure to go down well.

Plates and Dishes

If the person you’re gifting is moving out on their own for the first time, they might enjoy a nice bottle of wine or a few packs of beer, but they’ll appreciate plates, dishes, and cutlery more in the long-term, especially if you take the time to pick out something nice.

Herbs and Spices

If your movers are foodies, then buying them some pretty herb planters or a spinning rack filled with the most delicious spices is not only sure to please them, but it’ll ensure you a few invites to dinner too!

I hope this helps you do something spectacular for the mover in your life!

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