5 Fun Activities For The Christmas Party


It’s almost here, it’s actually so close that we can feel it, it’s the most wonderful time of the year and we have to celebrate it in style! Now, I don’t know about you, but I love a good Christmas party and that’s why I make sure to start the preparation at the beginning of December, so everything will be ready at Christmas day.

Because there’s nothing better than having fun with your loved ones, I put together a list of 5 games that will keep your guests entertained for sure and that will make your Christmas party a real success. Enjoy!

1. Two truths and a lie – This is a great icebreaker! Each person tells three stories about themselves, two of which are true and one that is not. A great Christmas twist is to name their three worst Christmas gifts; two would be true and one would be false.

2. Christmas Dice Game – If you’ve been looking for free online slots Christmas games for the whole family to enjoy, then look no further. Here is a fun printable/downloadable Christmas dice game that the whole family can play together.


3. Photo booth – You can provide silly props and backdrops for guests to use to get silly in front of a photographer. Last few years this idea had a lot of success, not only at Christmas parties but also at weddings.

4. Christmas memory game – You can put Christmas items on a tray and give people one minute to memorize the items. Take the tray away and have them write as many down as they can remember in 30 seconds. The winner gets to pick a prize.

5. Fill the Christmas stocking –  Divide into teams and have the participants race to fill their team’s hanging stocking with a spoonful of wrapped candy.

These are just a few ideas that would make your Christmas party a blast. If you have other fun ideas for me, let them in the comment section below and let’s make this Christmas one to remember!

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