What to Know About Social Media Screening

For most employers, the only true thing we concentrate on to decide whether or not to hire someone is their resume. That fact-filled paper or in some cases exaggerated provides a brief introduction into the person seeking a job at your company. Thanks to technological advancements, today employers can go the extra mile to actually put a face to a resume.

Not only that, you can have more data to analyze based on what the potential employee posts on social media sites. By the year 2018, it is expected that over 2.5 billion people will be using social media on regular bases. It means that most of their life details will be posted online; pictures with friends, opinions about various topics, travels and lifestyle among others. This is information that resumes cannot provide. 

What to Expect

Innovative companies such as Fama have come in to bridge the gap that existed; where an employer only had a resume to go by and make a decision to hire or not. With the help of professionals such as Fama, you can have more to sift through and make a decision. Chances are most people looking for employment will be fresh graduates, and you can tell from their age bracket they have a lot of their information shared on social media. You can expect alcoholic pictures, strong, opinionated content regarding religion, sexual orientations, local, regional and international political opinions, bad language, and violence among other things. It is up to you as an employer to decide if all the noise tolerable in your organization. 

Why does it matter?

Social media screening is important if you are to have morally, non-controversial employees in your team. Remember that these people will be your brand ambassadors. If their social media is filled with content that does not represent your organization’s standards, values and policies, that will revert to the organization. Your organization can lose credibility and have a damaged reputation because of one employee. Take for instance you hire an employee without doing the due diligence only to realize later that he promotes violence against women, or strong negative religious views or even supports terror groups. That can have dire consequences for your organizations; one can argue that your company is sympathetic and condones such views. 

What to do with the information 

From the social media checks, you will uncover certain truths about people that will shock you and others will leave you perplexed. With the information, you will decide if there is something you can be lenient with. Those individuals who are fresh from campus, you can be lenient with them since they are just trying to discover themselves. However, there are somethings that you cannot ignore; violence, bigotry, and terrorism are inexcusable. 


It is easier today to hire than that it was a decade ago. Employers can hire with confidence knowing the people they are bringing in are moderate and have no outrageous opinions that can come back to haunt the organization. Companies such as Fama are providing fact-based solutions hence protecting organizations from embarrassments and legal liabilities. Every hiring manager today should embrace the groundbreaking trend that has promise to restoring sanity at the workplace. They should go beyond resume impressions and focus on individual character. It is the character that will represent your brand once you decide to hire.

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