Why you need good acting skills if you want to succeed in business

Business is a fast-paced and cut throat world for any aspiring entrepreneur to navigate. Whether you are just starting out on your career, or have spent years in your current position but are considering a new challenge, then you need to keep on your toes. While you might not have previously thought that you would find acting and business with the same skillset, then prepare to be surprised. The very best business people, such as Richard Branson and Michelle Obama, fly the flag for being outstanding logical minds that can take to the stage with ease and grace. So if you want to get ahead in business, then you will need to wow your audience and learn how to deliver your lines just like a professional actor.

Start learning your craft
Just like any novice actor, if you want to make it big in business, you will need to start learning and perfecting your craft. If you are preparing for a big business meeting, then practice your lines and key arguments in front of a mirror at home, or ask a family member or trusted colleague to listen to you before the big day. You may also want to consider taking in some live shows for inspiration. Sites such as ticketsales.com offer a range of theater and arts events for you to choose from. Next, you will want to work on your wardrobe. If your office workwear is drab and gray, then inject a flash of color with a new scarf or some carefully chosen accessories. Make sure that you get noticed – in a positive manner.
Deliver your lines
No one will take you seriously if you can’t deliver your arguments with conviction. It’s essential that you come across as an individual who has faith, and fully believes in what they are proposing – even if you are absolutely terrified of public speaking. Keep your dreams and key goals at the forefront of your mind. Next, remember why your company hired you in the first place – they must have believed that you could do your job exceptionally well. Finally, good actors use their nerves to their own benefit. So if you are feeling jittery and nervous, then make sure to use this energy to help you anticipate any difficult questions or comments while you are in the boardroom.

Just like any actor, if you want to succeed in business, you will need to take time to develop your arguments and practice key tasks such as public speaking. You are sure to experience a lot of rejection and put-downs during your career, but don’t take these too much to heart. Make sure that you use any negative experiences for the better, it’s highly unlikely you will go on to commit the same mistake twice. Make sure that you start learning how to act in the workplace from day one. Remember that good business people will never display their true emotions, so you are going to need to have a thick skin and great stage presence if you want to succeed.

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