ABH Modern Renaissance Palette Review & Swatches

  Hello my lovely friends!
  Another day, another gorgeous palette from Anastasia. Today, we talk about the well known Modern Renaissance palette. Is it really that gorgeous? Is it worth the hype? Is it a must in every girl's collection? I'll try to answer all these questions for you and maybe you can make an idea if this baby is something for you or not. Let's get started!

ABH- Master Palette By Mario - Review & Swatches

   You know that feeling when you want something so bad and you know that you can't have it? I do! I knew I wanted the ABH - Master Palette by Mario from the first time that I saw it on Instagram. Those awesome shades, that great pigmentation, who wouldn't want that? Well, I could not buy it, but I was lucky enough to receive one from my best friend and partner in crime, Elisa.
   This girl, who I love very much, made me a surprise that I will never forget. She sent me the most awesome gift that I could wish for, a Michael Kors bag (because she knew that I wanted one) and guess what I found inside that bag. The Master Palette by Mario and the Modern Renaissance palette!! How cool is that, right? I will never have enough words to thank you, Elisa, you are the most awesome person that I know, thank you!! You can imagine that I tried this beauty right away and today I'm going to make a small review for you guys and show you some swatches. Enjoy!

E-cigarettes: Are They a Fad Or Are They Forever?

  The rise of e-cigarettes has been astonishing. The electronic alternative to the classic tobacco-based cigarette has been around since 2003, yet it has remained largely unused or unheard of until this decade.
2012 was the year Britain saw the e-cigarette market absolutely explode, with sales of vaping products skyrocketing. Meanwhile, the number of “smokers” dropped significantly. Such a swift move from unknown tech to an icon of modern culture was always going to raise eyebrows. This was not a steady increase but a meteoric rise.

5 Reasons Of Why You Should Pick Bamboo Flooring

      New flooring is an important investment and with so many options available on the market these days, you have to think really well at all the advantages and disadvantages before you take a decision.  Since the floor practically dictates the entire look of the room or house, your decision needs to be based on comfort and the durability of the floor.

    Hardwood bamboo flooring has become a very popular choice in the last decade and judging by its beauty, I can totally understand why. Bamboo flooring is made out of bamboo plants, so bamboo is actually a grass and not a wood.  However, when it is harvested to make bamboo laminate flooring, the result is a hardwood-like appearance. In fact, if you just looked at it inside someone's home, you wouldn't be able to tell if the flooring was made out of actual hardwood or bamboo! If you still haven't decided on what type of floor you want, read on and discover why bamboo flooring might be the best choice for you.

5 Reasons To Hire An Event Company

    Parties and events are fun, but did you even think of how much work they involve? I didn't until I received the task to organise an event for the company that I work for. I won't lie, I was very honoured to receive such an important task, but since I did not know many things about organising an event, I decided to go on the hands of professionals. Hiring an event management company was the best thing that I could've done. The event turned out a real success and everyone was happy.
    Since I had such a nice experience, I decided to put together a list of 5 reasons why you should consider hiring an event management company for your next event or party. Enjoy!

The Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

   Have you been thinking about putting your cigarettes down for good? There's no better time than the present to get healthy. There are a number of advantages associated with quitting your nicotine addiction. You'll sleep better. You have a reduced risk of developing arthritis. There are so many reasons to stop, and it is important that when you finally make the decision to quit, you drop the cigarettes for good. Read on to learn more about the advantages associated with giving up cigarettes or even switching to e cigarettes.

My Latest iHerb Order

      I've been a fan of iHerb since forever, but it wasn't until last year that I decided to place an order. Now I'm at my 5th order and I don't plan to stop here, although I have to admit that I really dislike their new shipping options.
     I did not post about the others orders I placed, because most of them were with food for my diet and I did not think that is so interesting, plus I never had time to make some proper pictures. Well, these pictures are not the best either, but I really wanted to share with you guys what I got. So, if I made you even a little bit curious, read on!

Make the most of ‘alone-time’- play Online Bingo

     What do you do after your partner heads to the office, the kids go to school and you’re done with all the house errands? Do you just sit around and wonder? Or watch the same old boring dramas? We say play online bingo.
    Online bingo is not a just a game but it is ‘THE’ game, which is loved by most mommies and daddies around the world. It is a great fun way to pass time for all the homemakers and non-homemakers out there!

The Best Colours for Your Kitchen

      The kitchen is the centre of any home. It is bound to be one of the most used rooms within your household, so it should, therefore, offer a fantastic style everyone can enjoy. If you want to transform a boring space into a wondrous place to cook and dine, you should consider the following beautiful colours for your kitchen.

Best Beauty & Skincare Products Of 2016

      Hello, my friends!
          Glad that you're here with me! I hope you had nice holidays together with your loved ones and I hope that you will make the most out of 2017.
          For me, the holidays went by quite fast, with a toddler running around the house all the time and wanting to know everything, it was quite hard to keep everything in place, like I like to. Now I'm back and today I will show you the beauty and skincare products that I used the most in 2016. If you follow me for a while, on my blog or Instagram, you may know most of them already. If you are new to my blog, you might want to sit down and read this post, because I'm about to show you some amazing products that are worth it! Enjoy!

5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Dentures

          If a permanent tooth is lost, it can never grow back again. That is the big problem because our teeth are not only for biting, tearing and crushing food, but they can build up self-confidence as they are one of the most visible parts of our body. Good thing because an ideal solution to replace some of our lost teeth is already offered today. Perhaps, getting dentures will fill our missing teeth which will bring back our attractive smile again.
      However, just like our teeth, we also have to consider various factors to retain the looks and the functions of our dentures. The following are the things that we should know before we decide to get dentures:

How To Wear A Long Dress In Winter

     Long dresses are considered to be one of the most feminine, comfortable and practical pieces that seem to never get out of style. They flatter every figure and they are suitable for every occasion, so it won't come as a surprise the fact that they are absolute must-haves in every woman's wardrobe.
    If you think that long dresses can be worn only in summer, think again! With a little creativity and some styling, you can enjoy these chic long dresses all year long. Yes, you got it right! You can wear your favourite long dress in winter if you take the following tips into consideration. Enjoy!

5 Tips To Re-Decorate Your Room

    With the new year settling in, it's time to start working hard on those New Year resolutions and what better way to do it, than redecorating and reorganising your living space in order to reflect your new goals. The task of livening up a room can seem intimidating and difficult, but it’s actually really easy and budget friendly if you pay attention to the details.
    In order to make things easier for you, I've put together 5 tips that will help you re-decorate your room in no time! Enjoy!
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