Improve Your Diet With These Superfood Heroes

We aren’t going to tell you how to improve your overall diet.  You know the rules, eat healthy foods, drink lots of water, take a little exercise everyday and sleep better.  Simple.  What we are going to tell you is how to maximise your diet by including a few incredible superfoods that will boost your weight loss, improve your mood and maximise your health.When the world discovered the health benefits of quinoa it all went a little crazy, suddenly this super little grain was stuffed in every cupboard of any foodie worth their salt.  Problem is, half the country don’t know how to pronounce it.

Are You Getting The Pay You Deserve?

 You might think that you are getting the right level of pay for your job, but how can you be sure? The fact is that you can’t, and it is possible that you are getting paid a lot less than you deserve for your job. Not just ethically, but legally too so let’s look at ways you can check you’re getting paid the fair amount.

The Price Of Different Parenting Styles

We all do things differently. Whether it’s how you hold your knife and fork, or how you organize your bake a cake, there are many different methods of doing the daily things we do. And this even goes for our method of parenting. There are lots of different parenting methods - I’m sure you’ve seen the many books out there about the different ones - and each comes with its very own set of advantages and disadvantages. Do you know which method you prepare? If so, then you are probably already aware of the trials and tribulations that come with it. Not too sure which parenting camp you should associate with? Here are some of the main ones - see which one sounds like you!

4 reasons why you shouldn’t drive with worn car tyres

      Driving a car that has worn out tyres, is like playing the Russian roulette with your life and the lives of the other passengers and drivers that you share the road with. Statistics show that the risk of having a serious crash increase when you're driving a car with worn-out tyres.
     The reasons why worn out tyres cause control and drivability problems are

5 Tips On Planning The Best Vacantion Ever

   Planning a vacation can be a stressful process, especially if you are contemplating a new destination. The moment you start to think ¨Vacation¨, you will need to search, make decisions and organise many things prior to realising your getaway.


On The Fence: Colourful Advice For Your Garden

When it comes to your garden, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about what plants to have, the type of furniture that will look good and which ornaments will jazz up the area. The garden fence probably isn’t something you give much thought to. As long as it’s practical and keeps the neighbours out, you’re probably happy! However, there are different types of fencing to go for and just because it’s practical, doesn’t mean that it has to be drab and dull.

Want To Know The Secret To Boosting Your Mood?

We all go through moments in our life where we feel nothing more than down in the dumps. Sometimes this comes from an unexpected tragedy and others it may just be that you are over tired or feeling a little under the weather. Whatever the reason there are ways you can boost your mood and get yourself smiling again.

Stop The Assessment: Make Your Own Judgement

Forget what everybody else has commented about us - we are our own worst critics. There is nobody whose opinions can be as harsh as the ones that we possess about ourselves; the difference lies in us being able to see things that others can’t necessarily spot. The majority of ourselves look at our reflection every day in the mirror, so we know when something is going wrong or has already got there - even if we were already born with it. A flaw to us could be a source of beauty for others, but if we’re constantly assessing ourselves then we are leaving time spare to look for the bits on us we love?

How To Eat Well

It can be like opening a can of worms when you google ‘Tips for getting healthy’ as you are suddenly thrown into a world of two thousand fad diets and the latest must try fitness crazy.  Confusing isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be.  Forget all the crazy maple syrup diet drinks and focus on these simple ideas instead.

Your Options For A More Beautiful Smile

If you want a more beautiful smile, there are a few options you can look at, depending on your needs. There are all kinds of modern treatments out there that can produce incredible results. Read on to see a few of the options you can go for:

Making Your Blog As Beautiful As It Can Be

If you’re a blogger, whether it’s a full-time job or just a hobby, it’s easy to get fixated on the content that you are creating. After all, it is only through producing regular, engaging content that you will get visitors coming to your website regularly.
However, the look of your blog is also hugely important. First impressions always count and this is certainly true when online. If your blog looks terrible, there’s a good chance that a visitor won’t even get to experience your content as they’ll move on to a more visually appealing site as soon as they get the chance.

Do Your Managers Really Care About You?...

One of the most commonly cited reasons for people leaving their jobs is feeling underappreciated. Though we all need to eat and pay our bills, I’m sure you go to work for more than your paycheque! Despite what a company will invest in hiring and training, many people are totally underappreciated by the companies they sacrifice so much for. Here are a few signs that you’re not appreciated by your company…

The 4 Ways To Have Fun At Your Wedding

When most couples worry about getting everything right during the wedding planning and avoiding any obvious mistake, only a few try to think about creating a sense of fun during the big day. After all, it’s a big celebration for you and your guests, so the best way to make the most of it, is surely to keep everyone entertained, and to plan for a few memorable surprises. Here’s how successfully fun weddings are planned.

Everyday Mindfulness For You And Your Family

There are many benefits that you and your family will get from practicing mindfulness every day. Firstly, it is a fantastic way to reduce the stress levels in your body. That’s not all, though, as it can also effectively help you to seize every minute and enjoy it for what it is. You will find that you hardly ever dwell on the past or be too focused on the future once you start to be mindful. Ready to get started? Here are some great ideas you can do with your family.

DIY Garden Tips

Your garden is more than a patch of grass around the back of your house; it’s part of your home, and if you start to treat it that way, then you’ll find it lifts the atmosphere and aesthetic of your entire house. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a pretty garden, but you’ve been hesitant and deterred by the prospect of tackling the outdoor world by yourself. However, it’s not quite as difficult as you might think, and it definitely shouldn’t be as daunting as you’re allowing it to be.

6 Simple Tips to Boost Your Mood

When you’re feeling down it can be difficult to pull yourself out of the darkness. There also may not be a particular reason for the way that you are feeling, which makes it even more challenging to improve your mood. Having others say, “Cheer up,” certainly doesn’t help. However, the following tips should help to brighten your day when you’re feeling down in the dumps.

Purchasing Your First Car

There’s no denying that cars are expensive, in fact even clapped out old bangers can set you back hundreds of pounds. Top that off with road tax, insurance, repairs and everything else, being a driver doesn’t come cheap. However it really is worth it, the freedom you get from being able to go where you want when you want makes all of the expense and hassle worthwhile. If you’re looking for some tips on how to obtain your very first car, here are some points to consider.

Wedding Drama Avoidance Strategies

Planning a wedding is never easy. But the last thing you want is for the days and weeks running up to the big day to be full of tension and drama. Here are some of the most common weddings faux-pas, and what to do about them.

5 Places To Discover Your Inner Hippy

The hippy culture is a liberal counterculture that primarily invaded the lives of the citizens in the USA and then reached to the rest of the world in the 1960s. At the start, the hippy goal was to lead a relaxed and friendly existence that is open to new spiritualities and thoughts for a perpetual state of peace. While hippies were also shown as promoting the use of psychedelic drugs, free love, and sexual liberation, the modern hippy is after a new peace of mind and a conscience that connects him or her to the rest of the world. There is a lot to be said about a hippy approach to the planet and its wonders nowadays! But, first of all, what are the five best places for you to reconnect with your inner hippy?

Keep Your Phone Running Smoothly

In today's world, a girl's smartphone is often her best friend. Your phone goes everywhere with you so you can stay in touch with people, entertain yourself, and even get work done. So when it's not cooperating and doing what you want it to, it can be extremely annoying. Whether your phone is slow, overheating, or just not doing what it's told, it can slow you down when you're trying to do something. Looking after your phone will help to keep it running smoothly, so it doesn't trip you up when you really need it. Here are a few things you can do to keep it healthy.

A Cup Of Luxury

Dirty, time-demanding and expensive, it’s what most people think about home improvements. However, not every home improvement requires you to get your best hammer and DIY your way from a shoddy staircase to the centrepiece of your house. The addition of simple touches, like a new coffee machine, can improve the feeling of your home dramatically. What’s so good about coffee machines? They bring a touch of essential luxury to the house, and most of them have all the latest tech built in. More importantly, a coffee machine is the new appliance you want to turn your house into a home sweet home in a matter of seconds. Here’s why:

A Gal’s Guide To Modern Day Engagements

proposal time.jpg

Loved up couples have been getting engaged for as far back in history as we can see. When you meet the love of your life, you marry them and live happily ever after. Although the concept is still the same, a lot has changed when it comes to getting engaged.

Today, the traditions that were once taken so seriously, are often more loosely applied, or in some cases forgotten about altogether. Getting engaged in 2017 comes with an array of questions and concerns regarding etiquette and tradition, and what should and shouldn’t be adhered to.

Get Happy: Tips For Improving Your Mental Health

When we hear the phrase ‘mental health’ we can shy away from it, feeling like it doesn’t apply to us.  We are fit and healthy and of sound mind right?  Well that may not be the case.  Having good mental health isn’t as common as you might think, so how can we make sure our minds are as healthy as our bodies?

Coloupop Highlighter Collection Swatches & Review

     Lately, I've been obsessed with highlighters. Since I always go for a natural look, I wanted to give my face an extra glow and what better way to do this, than with a nice highlighter, right? Since the only highlighter I had in my collection was Mary Loumanizer from The Balm, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to add some extra pieces to my collection.
   The Colourpop highlighters were the ones that caught my eye because the shade selection is pretty wide and they are budget friendly (if you don't take shipping fees and taxes into consideration). I've been using these pretties for a while and today it's time to tell you my opinion about them. Are they pigmented? Are they worth it? Well, read on and find out. Enjoy!

Avoiding The Knife: Non Surgical Treatments Explained

Even those of us who eat a healthy balanced diet,  keep fit and active and work hard on our skin care regime, can become a little bit low when it comes to how we look.  
Age and stress takes its toll and our bodies change dramatic after we have children.  Hollywood stars all have a personal surgeon on speed dial to take care of any nip or tuck they may need, but going under the knife is something that should be avoided unless it is absolutely necessary.  Luckily lots of non surgical treatments have hit the high streets so we are going to take a look at a few, how they can improve your look and what can go wrong!

Cycling: How To Stay Safe On The Roads

There is no better way to keep healthy than to cycle. Riding a bike is a great way to test your physical endurance as well as your muscle capacity. Bikes work everything from your cardiovascular system to leg, arm and body muscles, so it is an awesome way to train. The only problem can be safety. No one is saying that you will get hurt, but you have to keep your safety in mind. After all, you’re going to be sharing a road with two ton cars. Accidents do happen, but you can reduce the chances with this advice. It might be the difference between getting home safely and a trip to the hospital.

3 Ways To Find The Most Meaningful Career For You

     When you set out to find the most meaningful career for you, you’re probably going to have some difficulty. Many people don’t end up in a career that means anything to them, as they worry too much. They worry they won’t be able to qualify, they worry that it won’t pay enough, they worry that they won’t be any good at it. Maybe they worry it’ll be too hard. All of this worrying stops so many people from living and enjoying the most meaningful career for them. When you forget money, and forget your worries, you’re well on the way to finding something you actually want to do, that will in turn fill your life with tons of happiness and fuzzy feelings. To get you started, here are 3 ways to find the most meaningful career for you:

Family Finances: Baby Budgeting For Your New Arrival


Pregnancy is a wonderful time for most families. There’s nothing more exciting than growing your family, and knowing that in a few short months you will have a beautiful bundle of joy in your arms that will change your life forever. However it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, there’s a lot of practical issues when it comes to having a baby, and your finances are just one of them. Thankfully you have nine months to prepare, and to get yourself in the best position possible for when they arrive. Here are some points to bear in mind when it comes to budgeting for a baby.

Why It Pays to Make Home Improvements

Home improvements – they’re often dirty, time-consuming and expensive, but are they worth it? Most people in the know would say that they absolutely are because well-considered, expertly executed home improvements can add value to your property should you decide to sell.
Planning to stay put? It might still be worth considering applying for self employed loans or breaking into your home improvement savings to help you do up your home for the following reasons:

The Rise And Rise Of The Culture Trip

There’s no denying the benefits of a sunshine holiday. We all dream about lying on a beach and sipping cocktails, while binge reading the latest blockbusters. But if doing next to nothing for a fortnight doesn’t really appeal, a culture break might be the vacation for you. Taking time away to immerse yourself in the language, culture, and traditions of another country has been growing in popularity for several years, and it is a trend that looks set to continue.

Inject Laughter Into Your Workout: Fun Ways To Get Fit

Usually, January is the month everyone makes their resolutions of fitness and takes the chance to join a gym with the new discounts available. Honestly, while the adrenaline rush of a workout feels wonderful, the gym is boring! You tend to do the same all over body workout on the same machines and you never get a chance to work out on other terrains.

My top spring fashion picks

Spring is almost here! I love being able to put my jumpers away and pull out the sandals and playsuits from my spring/summer collection. While the weather may still be rather frightful outside, I’m already thinking ahead to some of the pieces I’ll be rushing out to by next month. I thought I’d take today’s blog post to share a few of them with you, and hopefully, they’ll give you a little inspiration for your own wardrobe refresh in 2017.

Lifestyle Swaps For A Healthier You

Say the words 'healthy eating' or 'healthy lifestyle' and quite a big part of you may sigh and groan with disdain. There is so much information in the public sphere regarding weight loss, getting fit and overall living a much healthier life. Quite often, many of us simply become sick of it! If you are one of the types who rolls your eyes when you hear about the latest fad diet, but you also want to start to live a little better, you may find yourself quite conflicted. You also don't want to give up the little treats that you love so much - after all, aren't these the things that make life more fun? So, it is possible to really 'have your cake and eat it'? Here are some handy lifestyle and diet swaps that help you get your fix while still striving for a healthier you.

Is Your Weight Loss Stalling? These Hidden Factors Could Be To Blame

Getting to - and keeping - the right weight is seen in our society as one of the most important things we can do. Especially for women, let's be honest. Men's magazines may occasionally talk about "losing that gut", but it's more in a "hey, maybe you should do this" kind of way. With women, it tends to come with a side order of fat-shaming.

Are You Being "Dupe"-d?

Once upon a time, in a land that was pretty much identical to the world we live in today, there was a counterfeit problem. The counterfeiters were reviled the world over. They were, insisted the fashion and makeup brands, a drain upon society - and in general, we the consumers tended to agree. Fake was bad; fake was dangerous; fake was to be avoided.

DIY Your Way Through The House

Home improvements can be truly rewarding, especially if you complete them yourself. There is a real feeling of making the house your home, nail after nail, paint roll after paint roll. But you don’t always have to get your box of tools to lighten up the house with some clever DIY skills. Making your house work for your lifestyle and adding a touch of creativity in each room take less time than you might think. Have a look at 4 things that you could do to make your house feel more homely.  

Style Steal: Coco Chanel

One of the global fashion power houses was led by the most iconic woman in style.  Coco Chanel.  She understood how to make maximum impact with minimal shock factor and was well known for laid back, subtle fashion which was accessorised to the max.

Give Up These Five Things To Stay Younger And Healthier For Longer

We all want to grow old gracefully, but sometimes it can feel a bit like the world is conspiring against us. Why is it that all the fun and tasty things actually make us age faster? It just doesn’t seem fair. But there’s no point whining, the truth of the matter is that if we want to old gracefully, we need to start treating our bodies a little bit better. All those years of sunbathing and party lifestyles can really start to take their toll, and even make us look old before our time. If you want to grow old gracefully, but preferably not right now, it might be worth considering giving up some of these six things.

Baby, Now We've Got Bad Credit

  You might have heard the term credit rating or credit score before without actually knowing what it means. Your credit score is determined by your history of borrowing and how effectively you have paid back any accumulated debts. But, as you’re about to discover, credit scores can affect more than just your finances.

Financial Problems No Girl Needs In Her Life

Us girls have enough on our plates as it is, so there is no way we have the time or effort to try and solve any major financial problems that we may run into. We need to focus on our career and social life! But, you don’t need to worry too much about financial problems if you are careful to make sure that you steer clear of them. Here are some very common financial issues, and what you can do to make sure they never bother you!

Girls And Canada: A Match Made In Heaven?

It’s that time of year again when we start thinking about where to go on our holidays. After all, we need to get it booked, so that we don’t miss out on our annual leave. And getting it booked now will ensure a fantastic deal on a long break. However, where to go often leaves us perplexed. After all, there are so many amazing places to choose from that we haven’t had a chance to visit yet. One place which seems to be on the radar more for people in 2017 is Canada. With its gorgeous views, amazing cities, and scenic landscapes, it can be perfect for holidays. Here is why girls and Canada might be a match made in heaven.

Get in Shape the Quirky Way


If you hate putting in miles on the treadmill and the thought of a spinning class fills you with dread, switch up your fitness regime by trying out some of these quirky exercise ideas, which will bring the fun back into your active life.

How To Choose The Best Care For Your Loved Ones

   Taking care of your parents when they become older is a delicate matter. Many people take this task on them because it's the natural thing to do, but what happens when you don't have space or time to take proper care of your loved ones?
    That's when other options like assisted living facilities or care homes come into place. Of course, the question is, what is the best option for the needs of your loved ones. Well, let's talk a little about them and hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have a pretty clear idea of which option is best for you and them.


By The End Of This Post You'll Have Your Own Personal Style


Having your own personal style is key if you want to look and feel fabulous every day. Most people don’t have their own personal style. This means they end up with items in their wardrobe that they hardly wear, or don’t wear at all. It also means sometimes, they’re unsure of their outfits and don’t feel the best they possibly can. With your own personal style, each of your outfits will feel like ‘you’. You should feel confident and ready to take on the day! Read on if you want to develop your very own personal style:

How To Tell If Your Relationship Is Marriage Material

You’ve been with your guy for a while, and know pretty much everything there is to know about each other. Marriage is on the cards, and you get the feeling that a proposal is just around the corner. Choosing to commit to one person for the rest of your life is a big deal – but how do you know if he’s the right guy for you to plan a future with? Here’s our ultimate pre-marriage checklist…

Be Clever, Be Wise, Accessorize

When we put an outfit together, we think of the accessories afterwards. There are, of course, some outfits which can be styled exclusively around an accessory, but usually it is dependant on how large, bright and how much of a focal-point said accessory is. It is not something that can work with every outfit, so you have to make the outfit work with it.

Accessories don’t even have to be that big or daring in terms of fashion - classic and simple looks work just as well and just because something is small doesn’t mean that it won’t make a big statement and bring out the best of your outfit. With that in mind, here are the staples that everyone should have in their wardrobe to jazz up any outfit.

DIY Tips To Help You Sell Your Home Fast

Property can often be the biggest investment we ever make, after all, they are an expensive purchase no matter how big the house is. But, that being said, it can be a stressful process to buy another property and sell your home. Especially if you have found somewhere you want to live, before your home has even been put up for sale.

But don’t worry too much as there are some great things you can do to sell your house fast. You just need to consider some of the main aspects, and perhaps most importantly invest a bit of your time and money into it first. So here are some of the ways you can improve your chances of selling your home fast.

The Original Beauty Blender Review

 The desire to try out a Beauty Blender started soon after they hit the market. Everyone was crazy after this miracle sponge. The fact that it's not such a budget friendly product made me want to wait and see if I can get it on sale someday.
  Lucky for me, my wish came true last year, when I found this baby half price. I tried the Real Techniques sponge and my beloved Ebelin sponge, so now I can make a comparison and see which one is the best. Enjoy!

Quick and easy DIY home improvements

Home improvements that you complete yourself can be very rewarding, both in terms of improving your living conditions and having the satisfaction of finishing a project successfully. It is important, however, to pick projects that you know you can complete on time and within budget, as this is what often trips up DIY jobs. Even though DIY involves some hard work, you don’t want it to be an arduous exercise.

Latest Empties: Nivea, Ziaja, Rimmel and much more

   It's been a while since my last empties post, I can't believe that it was almost one year ago! God, I'm such a terrible blogger! Anyway, better late than never, right? I have to admit that for today's post I haven't photographed all the empty products that I had because they were a lot and many of them were repeating themselves. Let's get started!
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