Choosing to Buy an Art Deco Diamond Ring


                                                        Image by Bill Young via Flickr

    For those that do not know the Art Deco style first appeared in France just before World War One. The style grew in popularity during the 1920’s up until the 1940’s, after World War Two though the style lost some of its appeal and glamour. Art Deco is well known for its use of bold colours as well as geometric shapes and after many years there has been a renewed interest which has seen its popularity increase. Check out the Wikipedia page for more detailed information about Art Deco and its history.

Knowing what you are buying

It is important that you do learn a little about Diamond Art Deco rings before you invest in one, and there are a few things that you need to know. The Art Deco design did not utilise Yellow Gold, preferring Platinum, Silver, and White Gold. In the early part of the movement, many countries still did not enforce a hallmarking system, with mainly on the UK and the USA having something officially implemented. Because of this, there are many pieces available which do not have hallmarks, and as such, can be hard to tell what they are. Because of this, it is best to make sure that you buy your Art Deco jewellery from a reputable supplier, who will tell you exactly what you are buying. You will fall in love with the art deco diamond rings at once you take a look, and you can rest assured that they are one of the most reputable dealers in Sydney.

The Four C’s

Even though you may be buying an antique ring, it is still worth your time and effort in learning about the 4 C’s when it comes to diamonds.

   Colour – The colour of the stone is important, with the less colour in a Diamond, the more valuable it is.

   Cut – The cut of the stone is also important as this will affect the way the stone displaces the light and how it shines.

   Carat – The size of the stone is also another factor which affects the value of the stone, with the higher the carat, the higher the value.

   Clarity – The clarity of the stone, or the amount of flaws that it has, will also help to determine the value of a diamond or other precious stone.

   You should take a bit of time to familiarise yourself in what you are looking for when you want to purchase an Art Deco Diamond Ring. There are some pieces available which are worth a lot less that others, as they were mass produced to low standards, so being able to tell the difference will help to prevent you from being ripped off.
    With a bit of knowledge and also help from a reputable antique jewellery dealer, you will be able to find a perfect Art Deco Diamond Ring, for an affordable price. With some of the money that you save from buying something that is brand new, you can even start up an Art Deco jewellery collection and be the envy of all of your friends!

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