How To Make The Most Out Of Your Baby’s First Christmas


    What they say it’s true, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but the first Christmas with your baby it’s something so magical that it cannot be expressed in words.
      I am a huge fan of Christmas and I try to make every year more special than the last because I want my family and friends to enjoy every minute of this great holiday. With that being said, you can imagine how special was the first Christmas with my precious baby. It was our first Christmas in 4 and her very first Christmas and even though she was only 6 months old and I knew that she probably won’t remember anything, I did my best to make everything perfect.
      Since Christmas is just around the corner, I thought that maybe you need some tips on how to make the most out of the first Christmas with your baby, we all know how stressful this time of the year can be, so it’s best to be prepared.
     Personalised Christmas cards are a cute way of sending nice thoughts to your family and friends. My daughter was 6 months last Christmas, so I decided to have a professional photo shoot in order to make those personalised cards and have some nice memories for her first Christmas. Well, my 6-month-old daughter had a mind of her own since birth and refused to take a decent picture unless her furry friend, our cat, was in it.  We tried to persuade her, but in the end, we gave up and ended up sending Christmas cards with our kids and cat on them. I would also advise you to keep one of the cards for yourself and add it to the Christmas photo album, it will make a nice memory for the children when they grow up.

     Make/buy a special Christmas ornament for your baby. If you like crafts, you can create a glittery footprint or the famous salt dough ornaments. Mine did not turn out so well, so I decided to buy a special ornament where I wrote her name.
    Enjoy the holiday magic, go and see Santa, take lots of pictures, enjoy a late stroll to see the Christmas lights. This time of the year is really magical and you need to make the most of it!
    Create a Christmas memory album. I did one with my first daughter and I did the same with my second one. In that album I placed all the photos that I took that Christmas, I wrote some thoughts for my daughter and I asked my family to do the same. That way, over the years she can look back at herself being a baby.
     Enjoy the little moments. Even though this time of the year can be very busy, remember that you have a small baby to take care of, so take some time to relax and bond with your little bundle of joy. I loved to go up and spend time with her in her nursery. I love that room, I decorated it myself just before I gave birth to her. Even now I remember how happy I was when I found the perfect nursery furniture from Oak Furniture Land, everything fitted perfectly and created a dream room for my baby.
    Stay calm. I know, it’s easier said than done, but you can get really caught up in this ” baby’s first Christmas” thing. Remember that not everything has to be perfect, so enjoy the time with your sweet baby, create sweet memories together and enjoy the wonderful Christmas time.

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