Gardening Newbie: 5 Tips Every Beginner Need

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As much as everyone would love to get out in their garden, work and family life mean it often has to take a back seat. But there are many reasons why you should get out in your yard to do some gardening. For one thing, gardening is one of the most stress-busting activities you can do. You can easily relax while you are planting flowers in your yard. And being out in the sunshine can also do you the world of good too. However, a lot of beginners don’t know where to start when they do want to take up some gardening. Therefore, here are five tips every gardening newbie needs to know.
Don’t rush into buying a load of plants

Like with most hobbies, you need to start slowly until you learn your skills. And a similar thing applies when it comes to gardening. After all, if you go out to the shop and buy a load of plants which all need a ton of work, it can become overwhelming. And rather than a blossoming garden, you might end up with a poor yard full of dead plants. Therefore, when you do head to the nursery, you should only buy a couple of plants to start with. That way, you can tend to these, and if all goes well, you can start buying some more plants. It will ensure you get some practice in, so you know how to take care of your flowers. And remember to start with plants that are very easy to look after. Once you are more confident, you can then move on to plants that need a bit more care!

Don’t be afraid to ask for some help

A lot of newbies find that they struggle when they first get out into their yard. After all, if it’s not been taken care of properly, there might be a lot of work to do to turn things around. And you might not have the right skills to do it. But you are not alone if you are struggling to take care of your backyard. In fact, you should consider finding some help to ensure your garden gets back on track. Therefore, you should find a handyman who does ground maintenance to come out to your yard. They can help you do things like fertilizing the lawn and get weeds under control so that you don’t struggle in future. And with a handyman coming over to help once a week, it will give your garden a boost, and make it much easier to handle for a beginner. And don’t be afraid to ask them questions while they are there so that you can have handy advice for the future.

Be careful where you place the plants in the yard

It’s so easy to go wrong when putting plants in your yard. After all, when you are a newbie, you might not be aware of how much space each plant needs. But it’s so important to make sure you are planting them with enough room. After all, you don’t want them to end up struggling to get nutrients as they are placed too close next to other plants. Otherwise, you might go out into your yard to find your plant has died as it was fighting for nutrients. Therefore, make sure you ask at the nursery and do your research, so that you know how much space it needs. And when you are placing it in the garden, make sure you go for somewhere that gets the benefit of the sun during the day. After all, the sun will give your plants the nutrients they need to stay happy and healthy!

The lawn needs some TLC too

A lot of people know that things like plants and bushes need some tender loving care. But a lot of people forget about taking care of the lawn too. They forget that it actually needs water just like the rest of the garden; especially during the summer months. And if you don’t keep on top of it, it’s bound to start going a straw like color. Therefore, to ensure you have a great lawn, you need to make sure you water it at least a couple of times a week during the summer months to keep it in good condition. And if you don’t have a chance to water it regularly, look into getting an irrigation system which will do the work for you. As well as water, it’s a good idea to fertilize the lawn after the winter period. After all, this will give it the boost it needs to grow during the next few weeks. And it can stop things like lawn disease in its tracks before it becomes a major problem. And of course, you need to make sure you are also cutting the lawn regularly to keep it in good nick. Therefore, get the lawnmower out once a week to get rid of dead grass and keep the garden looking fab!

You need to make sure you don’t overkill with watering

We all know that plants and the lawn need to be watered to stay in good condition. It’s especially important when the sunshine is out during the spring and summer months. But a lot of people get confused about how much they should be watering. And then end up going overkill which means the life of their plants is put in jeopardy! Therefore, you should follow the rule that in the summer months, you should water the plants once a day. And as it says in this article, if temperatures reach over 85 degrees, it might be necessary to opt for twice a day! You can also tell if the plant is getting enough water by checking the soil. If the first inch is dry, it means you need to water your plants. And remember that while it’s tempting to water your plants during winter, you should leave them be. After all, with the high amount of rain, they might end up drowning rather than getting the nutrients they need! In fact, you might want to get a cover for your plants, so they stay safe during the harsh weather!

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