Synthetic vs Real Hair Wigs: Which Is Best for You?


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When purchasing a wig, there is a lot more to consider than simply what length or color you’re after, as they also come in a variety of shapes and materials. The most common dilemma people face when choosing the right wig is actually whether to go real or synthetic. If you’re undecided, below are some points to get you started on whether synthetic or real is best for you.

The Expense

As nice as it might be to purchase a real hair wig, they will often be in a higher price range than their synthetic cousins. Real hair wigs can sit in the price bracket of $400 – $1000 or higher, so they’re not always a viable option for some people. Synthetic hair wigs have come a long way through and can be a much more affordable option, even while you save for a more expensive one down the track. If a human hair wig is really what you want though, then it will be worth the extra money.


Real hair wigs have the versatility of real hair. They can be more easily shaped to suit whatever style you’re looking for and for whatever occasion you might be going to. Real hair wigs work the same way your real hair does. Styling this kind of wig will not be too different to how you would style your own hair. You can still straighten it, curl it, put it up or blow dry it without the individual hair pieces melting or losing form as synthetic can do under extreme heat.


Before you even think about purchasing a wig, make sure you know what you’re purchasing it for. Is it for a dress-up party? Do you want a new hairstyle to show off when you’re out? Are you suffering hair loss? Once you know what it’s going to be used for, you’ll have a better idea of how often you’ll be using it; price and comfort will all fall into line from there. You don’t want to be spending an enormous amount on a wig if you’re only going to wear it a few times.

We should not forget that wigs come in a multitude of styles, so choosing one for your liking shouldn’t be that hard with so many models available on the market. I am a big fan of outre wigs, I think they look amazing and very natural.


Real hair wigs will have the same maintenance requirements as your real hair. You will need to make sure you take the time to wash and dry your wig the same way you would your hair. They will also react the same way natural hair does to the elements. It might go frizzy in the rain and it will also fade, as hair color does when exposed to sunlight. Synthetic hair wigs are much easier to maintain and will hold their shape and color for much longer.

Purchasing a wig is a very personal choice, so it should not be taken lightly. Don’t forget that your wig should make you feel comfortable and confident. Considering the pros and cons of the two most popular wig materials, as detailed above, will help you to narrow down your search and get you the wig of your dreams in no time.

What would be your first choice of wig material and why? Comment with your thoughts below.

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