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It’s a question that’s perhaps been on the lips of every gift giver for the last few months; what is the perfect Christmas gift for the beauty lover who has everything? While it might be tempting to think outside of the box this year, the simple truth is that most of us just can’t get enough of the latest makeup, fragrances, and accessories. Call us predictable, or even boring if you must. However, the chances are we’re going to be ecstatically happy with whatever beauty gift set or bag you’d like to leave beneath our tree this Christmas.

Okay, so I’ll admit that the beauty aisles can be a little confusing if you’re likely to avoid them at all costs until it comes to Christmastime. With that thought in mind, I’ve compiled a little selection of some of the best beauty gifts for that special someone in your life. Fellow fashionistas and beauty lovers take note; if you’ve yet to send your lists to Santa you’d do well to include a few of these…


Selfie smooth skin


Don’t we all deserve flawless skin? Indeed, you don’t need to be a beauty lover to crave a smooth complexion – but it helps. Treat your loved one to an ultimate selfie skincare solution, such as Skin Inc. Selfie Essential Kit, which includes a Pure Revival Peel, Pure Recovery Dew, and Pure Serum-Mist. Each product works to repair and rejuvenate tired complexions, leaving skin good enough to photograph without a filter… gulp!


Buy it for… A selfie queen, or self-styled Pinterest Princess; you know, the beauty lover in your life who’s never far at all from her camera phone, or social media feed.


A new signature scent


Christmas is a prime time for buying perfume, and who are we to complain? While the beauty lover in your life no doubt has a preferred scent, we’re always open to new suggestions – particularly when it’s apparent that the gift giver has thought long and hard about the perfume they’re buying. Gabrielle, by Chanel is a delicious, floral scent boasting notes of jasmine and ylang-ylang, while 125 Vogue is classically charming in time for party season.


Buy it for… the lady, or gentleman who longs to make an impression from the moment she, or he enters the room. A signature scent is a great way to be remembered; enable your loved one to stand out and sparkle.


The gift of longer lashes


Who doesn’t want bigger, bolder lashes? If your beauty lover spends hours in front of her mirror in search of perfectly preened eyelashes it might be time to offer a helping hand with your gift this year. The 3-Second Lash by is one such gift; adhesive-free, these lashes create a desirable look in an instant. Indeed, you’ve no doubt seen its fabulous results on the brand’s TV spots, which should inspire a gift list or two.


Buy it for… a friend or loved one who likes to flutter those eyelashes to get what she wants. If that’s not enough add an eyeliner crayon, mascara, or liquid liner for beautiful, accentuated peepers.


A homemade spa day


It takes a lot of time and effort to look this good. In fact, it’s sometimes nice to be able to take a load off and relax in style and comfort. If you’d like to inspire a special someone to slow down a little leave the gift of a homemade spa day beneath the tree this Christmas; Philosophy’s Lemon Custard shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath is a perfect pick-me-up, and luxurious to boot.


Buy it for… the lady who never stops, or the gentleman in need of a little pampering. Hey, men can enjoy a sumptuous, bubbly bath too.


Luscious locks without the effort


The beauty industry has long been trying to solve the issue of how to create luscious locks in as little time as possible. Now, I’m all for gadgets that make the morning routine even easier. What could be easier than hair that styles itself while you sleep? After spotting an infomercial for As Seen on TV’s Sleep Styler I was inspired to find out more; it’s safe to say this nifty gift will become a firm favorite this Christmas.


Buy it for… the beauty lover with enough on her plate already.


Although not exhaustive, this blog post should provide more than enough inspiration when it comes to buying for the beauty lover in your life. From fragrances and makeup pallets to accessories and pamper products, there are so many items out there to choose from. 2017 has been a bumper year for beauty indeed; how will you choose to reward your dedicated follower of fashion?

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