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What You Need to Know If You Want To Try An Unnatural Hair Color For The First Time

Unnatural hair colors, from bold blues and fuchsias to pastel pinks and silvers, have been a big trend for years now, and show no signs of dwindling in popularity. Sites like have loads of great ideas for fashionable and attractive styles for of all kinds of hair colors.
If you have decided you want to try out a new look using unnatural shades on all or part of your hair, this is relatively easy and inexpensive to do at home. However, there are a few things you should know first to make the process go as smoothly as possible!
  • Unnatural Colors Only Show Up Properly on Very Light Hair
The first thing to bear in mind is that even dark unnatural colors like purples and navy blues will only look the way they are supposed to when they are applied to light hair. Anything darker than light blonde, and you’ll just get a kind of murky tint; if anything at all. This means you will need to lighten your hair first if it isn’t currently a light blonde. For pastel colors, you really need to start off platinum blonde.
If you have dark hair and don’t want to bleach it, or are unable to achieve light blonde hair, then an alternative could be to try something like violet-black or blue-black, which will give you a sheen of an unnatural color on a black base.
  • Unnatural Colored Dyes Are Not Harmful To Your Hair
A good thing about unnatural dyes is that all of the most widely available brands such as Manic Panic, Crazy Color, and Directions, are vegetable dyes – that is, natural pigments suspended in a conditioner. This means that they won’t harm your hair, and your hair may actually feel in better condition after you color thanks to leaving a conditioner in for a while. This means you can leave them in longer than recommended to get a longer lasting result, but this is not recommended for the first time with a new color, in case you don’t like it.
  • They Don’t Necessarily Wash out As Quickly As The Packaging Says
While these dyes are marketed as temporary, how long they take to wash out varies depending on how porous your hair is (if you have bleached it, the answer is probably ‘very’), and some colors can sometimes stain the hair, meaning you may have to dye over the last remains of the color or use techniques like bleach baths. Some people also dislike the color their hair becomes as it fades and washes out.
Be prepared to dye again if your color begins to look jaded, and with some shades, especially reds and blues, it may not wash out altogether and you may need to use products to rectify that. Don’t rigidly trust the number of washes claimed on the pack either – it is a bad idea to use a color a few weeks before a big event where you need ‘normal’ hair.

With all of this in mind, good luck with your first forays into beautiful unnatural hair!

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