clever ways of using memes in your business

Clever Ways of Using Memes for Personal and Business Purposes


Memes are becoming a part of the online world. We see memes all the time on social media and other websites. People use memes to convey a feeling; in many ways, memes give you more room to sound your opinion or feeling than an emoji.

Of course, memes are not just great for casual conversations and online exchanges between friends or internet strangers. There are many ways you can use memes cleverly, both for personal and business reasons. We are going to take a closer look at some of those clever uses in this article.

Score (Online) Street Cred

One of the biggest challenges I face as a blogger is connecting with the younger audience – this is a challenge that many bloggers and social media users face too. As soon as you use the wrong jargon or show signs that you are from an older generation, you lose the younger audience’s interest.

Memes are great for bridging that gap. They are funny! Everyone likes funny. There are some popular memes that you see all the time. Knowing how to use these memes is a must since it will help you use them at the appropriate moment based on their meanings.

As mentioned before, memes are very expressive. You know you’re good with social media when you can respond to a complex Tweet or a question with one very simple meme.

Digital Marketing Instrument

Meme is a fantastic digital marketing instrument. It is concise and effective in delivering key messages to the right audience. It is universally recognized and there is no shortage of ways to utilize memes as part of your digital marketing efforts.

A great way to start is by telling short stories related to your products or services using memes. Everyday situations and issues that your products help solve are the topics you should go for. You don’t even have to know how to use Photoshop or other complicated software because you have tools like Rage Maker helping you create your own memes in seconds,

The visual aspect of memes stops the audience and captures their attention. This is part of the reason why memes are so effective. With interesting content, you can get any message across; you or your content may even go viral in the process.

Content Enhancer

Of course, you are not limited to using memes on their own. You can also integrate memes with other content you share online. For instance, you can add memes to a blog post about a movie to add that splash of fun to the review. You can also add memes to your Twitter storm to keep the audience engaged.

Memes are great content enhancers. Create your own illustration using Rage Maker and you’ll be able to make your point clearer (and more fun). Memes are great for enhancing the responses to give to your audience too.

The one rule to keep in mind about using memes is simple: just use memes naturally. The moment you force the use of memes just so you use memes, you lose the potential impact you can generate from the memes.

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