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It’s (Garden) Party Time!


It is almost party season! Well, it’s party season all of the time, but the weather is going to be sunnier, meaning that you’ve got the opportunity to show off your fabulous garden. But before you get yourself looking fabulous, how can you make your garden the talk of the town? Let’s give your garden a makeover so that you can throw the most stupendous garden party.

Make Your Garden Weather Ready

Even though spring is nearly upon us, you can’t always trust the weather to do what you expect it to do! Depending on where you are in the world, you might find yourself in the blistering sunshine one minute, and a partial snow blizzard the next! Check the weather the day before and have some contingency plans in place. Gazebos are a worthwhile investment. If you’re planning on hosting a casual affair, there are loads of pop up garden tents!

Light! Lots Of It!

Regardless of the time of day you are going to host your party, it can spill over into the early hours, or at the very least, night time. So get as many different variations on lighting as you possibly can. Something as simple as Christmas tree lights look amazing, even in the summer months. They will add swathes of color, and combine this with some candles or tea lights, and you’ve got a well-lit space.

Get Plenty Of Seats

If you’ve got many guests coming, you need to make sure they’ve all got the opportunity to sit down, even if they don’t want to. If you’ve got garden furniture, it’s time to haul it out! But beware, if you’ve got people who are prone to spilling wine everywhere, you might want to invest in some waterproof cushions, and you can find out more about what they have to offer, but they are always a handy investment. Nobody likes to spend half their party soaking up rose red stains.

Keep The Entertainment Coming!

The idea of party entertainment is a delicate question for many. If you got children in attendance, no doubt they’ll want to listen to the Frozen soundtrack a million times over! But if you’re planning a sedate, relaxed affair, soft music in the background provides a gentle bed of noise, and won’t deafen your guests. Pick your soundtrack according to your guests’ tastes. Some people can’t bear the idea of someone getting out the acoustic guitar for a sing-a-long, remember that!

Pick Your Food Carefully

Apart from catering for everyone’s dietary requirements, the other concern is that you have enough food. Some people will purposely not eat before they head to the party, so they will devour everything in sight. The best approach is to consider your guests’ eating habits beforehand. There’s no harm in sending a message out on a group page, just to get an idea, so you don’t overspend on food, but you can spend money on something else to make the party a memorable one.

Garden parties, when done right, are a staple of the spring and summer months and will be talked about for months to come.

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