Keep Your Spending In Check


Curbing your spending can be a challenge, especially when you always seem to find that sale calling your name.

If you are new to managing your money and being responsible for every expenditure it can be hard to grasp just how much things cost and the amount of impact spending can do to you financially. If you are in need of some advice on how to stop yourself spending all of your money on payday, read on.

  1. Set Savings Goals.

The first thing you should ever do in any situation is to make a plan. If you have an aim for what you are saving for, this can be the basis of your plan. For example, you might be saving up for a holiday or a house- so all of your money goals will work towards this. Start saving up small amounts every month and put it into a high interest savings account for maximum impact.


  1. Plan Your Budget

The key to being financially stable is always knowing how much money you’ve got, and where it all goes. You bank statement should be the first thing you look at towards the end of the month to see what you’ve been spending and where you can cut down. If you’ve been spending $80 a week for food for two each week, then you need to work out how to reduce your food shop. A good way of doing this is by baking big batches of food in crock pots or slow cookers.


  1. Pay Before You Spend

Make sure that you pay off any existing bills and debts before you start splashing the cash on anything else. This way you can avoid being hit with a ton of outstanding bills and have to try and win poor credit personal loans guaranteed approval to pay it all off. Be smart with you money and always pay debts before you look at buying anything else.

  1. Wait It Out

One or the best techniques you can use to stop yourself from spending money on an unnecessary item is to wait for a few days, and if you are still thinking about the item after this time, buy it. Most of the time impulse buys are what puts our spending through the roof, and it will often be on items we simply don’t need. By waiting it out you will be able to see how important they are to you.


  1. Eat Your Own Food

Stop making excuses to buy in takeaways or go out to eat. Make one day each month where you can go out for a meal or have a takeaway, but every other day you need to be good and cook for yourself. Not only will it be much healthier, but it is much cheaper to make good for yourself than pay someone else for it. Learn some new recipes and try to have a bit of fun in the kitchen to make things more interesting. Even introduce a new ingredient each month for a challenge.


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