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Party Like The A-List Without Breaking The Bank


Sometimes, we all want to live the high life and get a taste of what the A-list experience on a regular basis – exclusive parties, great service and the very best of nightlife. It could be a birthday or a special occasion, or it could just be that you need a pick-me-up.

The good news is, there are ways to live the high life on a limited budget. If you want to go all out, although it can be relatively expensive compared to what you may be used to, you don’t have to have a million in the bank to party like a total rock star.

Book a VIP table

Want to sweep into an exclusive club like you own the place? Consider booking out a VIP table. There are sites that will help you secure that all-important Scandal table booking that includes access to VIP areas. Some will also include bottles of alcohol for the table, and you’re sure to get that exclusive feeling.

Give good tips for good service.

When it comes to getting the VIP treatment, money talks, So make sure that you are willing and able to give tips for the best service – even in countries where tipping is not standard. If you tip well, you’ll stand out, and staff will want to do more for you.

Give a little extra to the bartender who makes your cocktail, and you’ll be first in line to get served when the bar gets busy. It’s even better if you can go to the same place fairly often, and then you’ll start to get known, and maybe even get to queue-jump. Special treatment and the little touches are what can really elevate a night from average to A-list.

Get a hotel deal

If you fancy a change of scenery in a vibrant city, take the stress out of your evening by booking into a great hotel. You may think this will eat up your budget, but as long as you’re prepared to be a little flexible, it doesn’t have to. Sites like Secret Escapes specialise in last minute deals on luxury hotel rooms, while even Groupon offers steep discounts on accommodation if you can compromise on dates.

Wear designer for less

If you’re going to truly party like a celebrity, you definitely need the outfit and accessories to match. But how can a normal person step out in a designer dress and bag for the night? The answer lies in the subscription services that have sprung up offering loads of the most covetable new-season items. Sites like Girl Meets Dress and Hire The Catwalk let you hire a designer outfit for a big occasion and return it afterwards. There are similar services that let you subscribe to rent out the bag of the season too so that you can wear the same outfit as your idol for a fraction of the price.

Stay safe

When you’re having the night of your life, it’s also important to look after your personal safety, so that things don’t end badly. Make sure someone knows where you’re going and what time you’ll likely be back, don’t split up from your group of friends, book a licenced taxi to collect you rather than jumping in a vehicle on the street, keep an eye on your drinks at all times and stash some emergency money somewhere safe in case your bag or purse gets taken. Ending your night safely and in style is just as important as how you begin it.


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