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Party Time! 6 Tips for Planning the Best Bash


Whatever the reason you want to throw a party (and there is always a reason) the planning stages are when you lay the groundwork to have the most incredible occasion.

Obviously, the bigger the occasion, the more preparation that you will need to do, but even for small gatherings, a bit of prep work will make everything so much more enjoyable when the big day rolls around. To give you a helping hand, here is a brief checklist of some basic things to consider.

Write Everything Down

The best plans start with you writing everything down to ensure that you don’t forget anything. Write out some different categories including food & drink, entertainment, guest list etc. Note down everything you need to do in a checklist form, and cross of the items one by one. Also, try to give yourself some deadlines so you don’t leave everything until the last minute.

Simplify Where Possible

Unless you are planning a huge event where every detail needs to be just right, you can afford to simplify in places. Too many options will leave you feeling overwhelmed and will also stretch your budget. For example, with the food, you could go for some buffet options which are served cold or can be heated up easily in the oven. Otherwise, if you are cooking for something from scratch, try to go for a meal which can be cooked and served in a single pot.

Get Some Backup

Rather than trying to do everything yourself, getting some support from others or even a single person can help to take some of the stress away from you. You could even just give them a small responsibility like bringing the drinks or going to the supermarket to buy food for you.

Give People Plenty of Time

You should give people at least three weeks’ notice before your party, so it is less likely that they have already made plans. However, if you are going to plan your event a long time in advance, you will need to send your guests a reminder closer to the time to ensure that they haven’t forgotten.

Set the Mood with Music

The type of music that you choose to have at your party will make a big difference to the atmosphere of the event. Make your playlist in advance to set the right mood. Or, for an even greater impact, you could hire some live musicians or a DJ. Check out for different options. Ultimately, keep people dancing and they are bound to enjoy themselves!

Plan Some Activities/Party Games

Though you don’t want to go too overboard with the organized fun, it doesn’t hurt to know a couple of party games to whip out at the right moment. Investing in a couple of board games always gives you a backup choice if you feel like the party needs an injection of entertainment.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a bit of assistance when it comes to planning any sort of party of your own.


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