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Travelling the World in the 21st Century


Once upon a time, if you wanted to see the world you needed to scrimp and save or find the for your needs to fund whatever globetrotting experience you wanted. And while this allowed you to see the world, it meant longer hours, fewer luxuries, and the threat of succumbing to debt.

But we are no longer living once upon a time. We are in the 21st century, and as such we have a multitude of opportunities to take advantage of and live out our dreams of seeing every corner, bend, and dip the world has to offer. Now, you don’t need to take out a new bank account or live on ramen for six months just to go to Europe; you can both have your cake and devour it, too.


Many think it is an impossible dream to sit on a beach and type away on your computer while you get paid. However, the reality of this is much closer than you think. If you want to continue earning money while living anywhere you like, then looking into freelancing jobs can provide you with such an experience.

No matter what talent you might have, be it writing or photography or graphic design, you can find companies who need your skills and may even promote the option of working anywhere in the world. While freelancing can’t entirely support your lifestyle at home, in countries where your dollar or pound goes further, you can live comfortably and save up for your next adventure.


Another option many people look into is teaching English abroad. Typically, this will be in Southeast Asia in countries such as Thailand or China, but you can find a TEFL job anywhere that learning English is in demand.

And gaining a TEFL certificate is easy. You can either complete a course entirely online or for further opportunities invest in an online and weekend course that will give you some proper classroom experience. Many people also use the TEFL experience as a taster for what teaching as a career will be like, so if you have considered going into education, a TEFL adventure could be the best start.


If you are looking for a chance to dive into the culture of your chosen destination, then electing to try out the life of an au pair could be the answer. An au pair will typically live with a host family and help with things such as cleaning and childcare, as well as doing laundry.

A room is provided for you as well as food, and you will get the chance to engage with the locals as opposed to riding on a wave of tourists found in many other traveling options. Typically, an au pair will stay for a couple of months, and during that time you will get the chance to learn the language and perhaps build relationships to return in the future.


And these are just some of the opportunities available all over the world. They will give you the chance to see the planet, meet fascinating new people, and dive headlong into experiences you won’t get on your standard package holiday.


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