how to avoid wedding disasters

4 Potential Wedding Disasters And How To Avoid Them


No matter how many months or even years you spend planning your wedding, you can’t always guarantee that everything is going to run smoothly. If anything goes majorly wrong, it could ruin your day entirely so you need to know what could potentially go wrong and how to prevent it from happening. These are some of the biggest wedding disasters and how you can avoid them.

Unexpected Guests

If you plan for 100 guests and double that amount show up, you’ll struggle with food and drink for everybody. You should always ask the caterer to provide a little extra food and drink and get some extra chairs out in case you do get a lot of extra people coming but you can prevent it from happening in the first place.

Make sure that when you send out invitations, you stress that people need to send you an RSVP and state whether they’ll be bringing a plus one or not. That way, you can get a solid idea of just how many people are coming on the day.

Bad Weather

There’s nothing worse than bad weather at a wedding, especially if you’re having the wedding outdoors. Planning the wedding in the summer is obviously the best way to reduce the chance of bad weather but you can never guarantee it’s going to be sunny so you need to make preparations for it. Get some Fews Marquees for weddings so if it does end up raining, everybody has got a bit of shelter. It could get cold as well so you should think about getting some outdoor heaters if you haven’t got an inside venue where everybody can keep warm.

Drunk Guests

A wedding is a time for celebration and that usually means having a few drinks. That’s fine but if people start to get out of control then it could ruin the whole evening. If there is any trouble, you should ask the people leave right away. But before it gets to that point, you should try to limit the amount that people are drinking.

If you’re offering a free bar, you should cap it at a certain time so people aren’t going crazy. It’s also a good idea to ask the bartender to keep an eye on how much people are drinking and if they’re having too much, think about cutting them off.

Family Feuds

When you’re planning a wedding, you’re going to invite the whole family, it’d be a shame if they weren’t all there to see you get married. The only problem is, families, don’t always get along and if there’s bad blood between family members there’s always a chance that there might be some drama, especially after a couple of drinks.

The best thing to do is to seat them at opposite ends of the room so they don’t have to speak to one another and talk to them both before the big day and make it clear that you don’t want any trouble on the big day.

Something is always bound to go wrong on your wedding day but hopefully, it’ll only be something small.

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