how to get a good night sleep

5 Simple Ways To Get A Better Sleep


Many people don’t get enough sleep. Longer hours at the office, more demands at home, and finding the time to complete our daily to-do lists can rob us of precious hours when we should be resting our bodies and minds. But the quality of our shut-eye can be just as crucial as the duration. There are many ways we all can get a better sleep each night with just a few changes. Here are 5 suggestions.

1. Cut The Caffeine

The effects of caffeine stay in our systems for up to 8 hours, which is reason enough to reconsider that afternoon pick-me-up as it may be wreaking havoc with your ability to fall asleep. Caffeine is not the only thing that can affect sleep however; chocolate before bed can also have the same effect of stimulating the brain and making sleep elusive.

2. Get The Temperature Right

The optimum temperature for falling asleep is around 20 degrees Celsius, so where possible set your thermostat on your heater or air conditioner around this temperature. It may also be worth investing in a fan to ensure air circulates around the room, especially during the summer months. Superior-quality bedding is also a must! I don’t have to tell you why because we all know how bad you can sleep if your pillow or your mattress is not ok. Groupon’s bedding deals are always the best and I always check them out first before I look anywhere else.

3. Implement A Bed-Time Routine

Our sleep patterns and body’s circadian rhythms work best with some kind of routine. That’s why, at least an hour before your normal bedtime, taking time to prepare clothes for the next day, brushing teeth, and read for the last half hour allows the body time to transition to drowsiness from the demands of the day. Going to bed the same time every night is also important to ensure you get enough sleep and also develop healthy sleep patterns.

4. Keep A Notepad Bedside

One of the most common causes of insomnia is an inability to shut off the mind. Often these circular thought patterns cause sufferers to worry late into the night. If this sounds like you, one of the best remedies can be simply writing down what you need to do or what’s on your mind on a piece of paper next to the bed. Strange as it sounds, writing down some kind of action plan takes the thoughts out of your head, letting you deal with any problems tomorrow. After all, there’s usually only so much you can do on your to-do list at midnight anyway.

5. Make The Bedroom Device-Free

The light emitting from your tablet or smartphone stimulates brain activity and also releases the hormone melatonin, interfering with your body’s sense of the time of day. A device used in the bedroom also often robs us of precious time where we could be sleeping as we mindlessly scroll through news and social media. Every notification, email alert, and Facebook message also has the potential to wake us up during the night, which then can make it harder to fall back asleep. For the best chance of falling asleep quickly and staying asleep, keep electronics and other devices off the bedside table and on silent.

What are other easy ways there to get a better sleep? Share your secrets to a better sleep below with a comment!

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