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How to update your home with 2018’s hottest colour – SAGE

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Pinterest is predicting sage to be the hottest colour to decorate your home with in 2018, and we’re definitely embracing this trend with open arms.

Sage green is a gorgeous, delicate shade that can be used throughout the home with a stunning effect in every room.

Pinterest has revealed they have seen a 170% increase in the number of people saving sage decor images, so expect to see this home trend taking hold through the year.

Sage makes a great alternative to the usual neutrals we’re used to seeing, like cream, beige and white, and plus it works well with both contrasting and complementary colours. The delicate shade also looks good worked with wood effects and metal finishes too, you’ll find this shade fits well into a number of rooms in the home. You might struggle pinning it down to just one room.


Although sage is quite muted it can still look extremely fresh in the bathroom, especially paired with a white bath, toilet and sink. It also looks great with silver metal finishes too, so it’ll look gorgeous contrasted with your taps and shower head. Plus, add in some spotlights to add some stylish illumination to the room.


Whether you use it on the walls in the kitchen or use to it repaint the kitchen cabinets to give them a new look, sage is a beautiful colour in the kitchen. It looks great when contrasted with wood tones too.


Bring freshness to your hallway with sage painted walls, the earthy-tone will add definition to the room, and paired with beige colours and even greys, it will create a serene environment. Add a touch of richness to the space as well with dark wooden stained staircase and a deep green carpet up the stairs.


Sage also looks beautiful in the garden too, if you’re feeling bold you could consider painting the whole house in a light shade, but for something a little less drastic use this colour for your fence panels instead, and maybe your garden shed.

Colour pairings

As much as we love sage green with light colours like cream and beige, it also works really well with deep rich tones like aubergine and forest green. You can even call out the grey tones of sage by pairing it with grey or slate in a room.

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