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Planning A Work Event That Will Really Get You Noticed


You navigate the rat race with deft precision on a daily basis, yet nobody seems to notice. You bring your A game to work each and every day, bringing buckets of effort and enthusiasm as well as your own personal brand of professionalism and expertise….

Yet you frequently feel you’re undervalued. You’re passed up for promotion time after time and after all your years of loyal service, you’re still not entirely sure that your boss knows how to spell your name. As you constantly strive to find ways to boost your career this year, it’s not uncommon to look for opportunities to take on extra responsibilities.

Thus, when you’re offered to plan an event for your workplace, you rightly see this as an opportunity to truly impress the top brass and ensure that your name is brought up in meetings for months and years to come.

Of course, planning a jaw-droppingly awesome work event is easier said than done, and with all the kingmakers’ eyes on you, it’s all too easy to play it safe. After all, a mistake when the stakes are this high could send your career into freefall. Here are some tips for planning a memorable work event that will get you noticed for all the right reasons…

Build a sense of adventure

Corporate executives are under a lot of pressure. Sure, they’re well paid but their lives are an endless parade of flowcharts, spreadsheets, earnings projections and sustainable margins. They might have done very well out of it all, but deep inside each and every one of them is a little girl or boy who’d rather be playing in the back garden.

Thus, they’ll really value any opportunity to inject a sense of adventure into their activities. Anything you can do to bring this to a work event will be highly appreciated by the top brass.

There are so many cool ways to do it too, from Laser Quest to corporate treasure hunts to re-enacting The Crystal Maze. Not only will these activities lend a sense of fun and adventure to the event, they’ll also be great for team building, creative problem solving and other skill-building facets that look great on paper.

Keep it under budget

This is a golden opportunity to prove that you can manage finite resources like budget and logistical limitations. That’s some pretty useful ammunition for the next time you’re vying for a promotion or a pay rise. Thus, the more you can keep the event under budget, the more highly regarded you’ll be…

Everyone likes saving money after all. Don’t be afraid to hustle for savings. You’re bringing a big group of people to whatever businesses you’ll be using and if they don’t offer you a discount, they certainly should.

Know your audience

There’s an argument that you’ll never be able to please everybody and while there’s certainly truth in this, you should be mindful of the difference between listening to what the attendees want and telling them what they want. By all means take risks and by all means, push people a little outside of their comfort zones, but demonstrate that you’re open to suggestions and happy to work to a brief.

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