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4 Common Echo Dot Problems


Although the Amazon Echo Dot is a truly (and scarily) amazing device, it does have its problems associated with it. After all, it is a piece of technology and they all come with their quirks and issues which we need to fix every now and then. Because Amazon’s Echo is so complex, it is no surprise that sometimes the system may appear to malfunction or not work as expected.

When it comes to the Amazon Echo Dot, the most common problems you will encounter are ones relating to the Echo Dot’s display, wireless connection and its hearing.

#1: Echo Dot’s Lights

The Echo Dot comes with a lot of lights which mean many different things. When the Echo Dot is idle, no lights are showing or flashing but, when in use, the Echo Dot has six different colors which all have their own meanings. The colored rings are very simple to understand.

First and foremost, the Echo Dot Purple light is the most common one and indicates a problem with the Wi-Fi setup; purple is the most common Echo Dot color and it is one which stifles Echo Dot owners worldwide.

A white light displays the volume level, orange when the Echo Dot is trying to connect to the indicate and a red light indicates that the Echo Dot has been muted. Royal blue and cyan colors flash and spin together when Alexa has been woken up or when a command is being dictated.

#2: Wireless Connection Problems

The most common Amazon Echo Dot problem is with wireless connections. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, it seems that the Echo just will not connect to your Wi-Fi. The easiest fix for this (which usually works) is to power-cycle all devices from your router to the speaker.

If the error persists after this, then you can try moving your Echo Dot further away from other devices and closer to your modem or router. Also, check that the Echo Dot is switched to a 5GHz channel because this can reduce interference.

#3: Random Activations

The default activation word for your Echo Dot is Alexa and this can occasionally be triggered by other devices such as your television or radio. Also, if you watch any YouTube videos or an Echo Dot commercial appears on the television, this can also activate Echo Dot! Sometimes, rather scarily, it may seem that Alexa comes alive for no apparent reason! You can, however, change the activation word for the Echo Dot quite easily.

#4 Alexa Doesn’t Understand You

Another problem that some people face is that Alexa doesn’t understand their voice.  Luckily this one is quite easy to solve as the more you talk to the device, the more it will begin to understand what you are saying and the way that you speak.  You can also check your settings to see what Alexa hears when you say certain words. Doing this will enable you to work out the most commonly misheard words and show you what you need to speak more clearly.

If you are having random and unexplainable activations, it may be worth reaching out to Amazon.

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