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Discover the Maritimes on your 2018 summer vacation


Planning on discovering Canada’s smallest provinces on vacation this year? In this guide, we’ll suggest a few activities that will help make this epic road trip one to remember.

Stop in for craft brews in Fredericton

Whether you are coming into the region from Central Canada or the United States, you will be passing through New Brunswick first. Despite this underrated province’s reputation as a drive-through jurisdiction, there is plenty to see and do throughout this picturesque place.

While the Hopewell Rocks, Fundy National Park, and Magnetic Hill should definitely be on your list, kick off your trip to the Maritimes by crawling from one microbrewery to the next in the capital city of Fredericton.

With over 11 craft brewing operations within or near city limits, you’ll be treated to a variety of ales, lagers, ciders, and even mead during your stay. After sampling all there is to offer, book a meal at one of many excellent downtown restaurants.

If you are looking for something casual, we recommend the Lunar Rogue, as it is one of Canada’s oldest drinking establishments, and word has it they serve the best nachos in town.

After all that food and drink, you will likely end up having a low key evening. The fun doesn’t have to stop, though, as there are plenty of internet gaming sites where you can find action at any hour, any time. Whether your game is baccarat, blackjack, or video poker, these platforms have it all.

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Hit the beach in Prince Edward Island

While most people don’t normally associate Canada with beaches, the Maritimes are home to the lion’s share of the country’s swimmable ones. The shallow ocean waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence warm quickly in the toastier months of the year, leading to sea temperatures which can break 20 degrees Celsius by July or August.

Of all the beaches in the region, Cavendish Beach in Prince Edward Island is one of the most popular. With red sand, warm water, plenty of camping sites, and tons of tourist attractions nearby, it is the perfect base for a week of fun with family and friends.

Take a lap around the Cabot Trail

Cape Breton is another popular destination for those who travel to the Canadian Maritimes on holiday. Home to a unique culture and subtly beautiful scenery, it evokes memories of Scotland in the minds of those who have been there.

Don’t drive back across the Causeway without touring the Cabot Trail. A scenic byway which loops around the Cape Breton Highlands at the top of the island, you’ll get to witness beautiful peaks, go on amazing hikes, and allow you to discover epic beaches, which look incredible when contrasted with the mountains behind them.





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