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How to find the perfect swimwear for your body type


With the warm season getting into its rights, I think it’s safe to say that it’s time to start looking for swimwear. No, it doesn’t mean that you have to hit the beach early May, but finding the perfect piece for your body type can be quite challenging and it’s best to start looking early, rather than too late.

Now, don’t get worried and start thinking that you won’t find anything, that’s impossible! The first thing you have to remember though is that there are very few “perfect” bodies out there. Celebrities and models are far from the norm and they might even still have problems finding the best swimsuit! So don’t despair if you’re not lucky the first time. Keep looking and read this post too, I have some tips that you might find useful and might help you in your search.

If you’re smaller on top…

Tinier swimsuits really work, especially those ultra-sexy miniature two pieces from Brazil. Padding can give you an extra lift and make you look a little fuller on top. Luckily, most suits come with a little bit of padding! Unlike women with larger breasts, you can actually wear swimsuit tops with ruffles and triangle tops, so make the most of it with a look that is fun and fashionable!

If you’re bigger on top…

You might need a little extra support, so opt for swimsuit tops with underwire or halter-tops. Not only will they give you a little more striking cleavage, but most of these tops are also adjustable. Make them as tight or loose as you need. Although you don’t need maximum coverage, minimum coverage should be avoided as well. This means no strapless or triangle tops.

If you have shorter legs or torso…

Search for a swimsuit that is cut high on the thigh, elongating your legs and playing up your fabulous curves. Tankinis are great for women with shorter torsos. Switching up the pattern on your top and bottom is another trick of the trade that gives you a “lengthier-looking” body. Make sure to avoid boy-shorts and bikini skirts because they can make you look shorter.

If you have a longer body shape…

Be creative when it comes to designs and add-ons at the hips and bustline. This includes shiny jewels and adorable bows and ties! Horizontal stripes are usually a clothing no-no, but you can seriously do it! Try them in a neon color like hot pink! Boy shorts and skirts will also give a little more dimension to your lengthy torso. Vertical stripes and dark colors should be avoided.

If you have a plus size figure…

You can still show some skin with a lacy one-piece. Try a V neckline too! Go for the dark colors like black or brown and go for some ruffles at the hip. A side cut-out is a little more daring but can really enhance your look!

Now, let’s talk a little about designer swimwear and why I think they are better compared with the other swimsuits available on the market. You might think because I am a snob, but that’s not it. First of all, I think of the quality. I had a lot of cheaper swimsuits in time and trust me, they did not last the whole warm season, that’s how bad the quality was.

A designer swimsuit will always have a superior quality and you can be sure that with the proper care, you can enjoy it for years to come. Besides that, with designer swimsuits you can be sure that you are wearing the latest trends regarding swimwear, so you’re going to look fab!

Before I end my article, I have one more thing to say. Wear your swimsuit with confidence! Even if you don’t have the perfect beach body you see in the magazines, you are you and you’re beautiful! So find your perfect swimwear and go to that beach party, have fun!

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