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How to make the most out of your summer holiday


Now that summer is finally settling in, it’s time to start making plans for the holiday. You know that planning ahead is better than going with the flow, especially in the summer months when everybody is going on holiday. So if you want to avoid some unpleasant surprises read on and let’s make some plans together!

Pick a destination

I think this is the first thing that you have to do when you’re planning a holiday, right? I mean, you can’t plan anything if you don’t know where you’re going. So, now it’s the best time to start thinking what you want to do on your holiday.

What do you want to see, would you like to enjoy the warm sun on an exotic beach, or explore a new country? Think about it and once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to find out more about that destination and of course, think about the costs.

Calculate your budget

Once the destination is settled, it’s time to think about costs. What’s better, to go by plane or by car? Stay at a hotel or at an airbnb? How much would it cost to visit everything there? These are all things that you have to find out the answer before you can start to book your holiday.

As a tip, I would strongly advise you to think of the summer holiday ahead. I usually book a holiday 6 months in advance, because most of the times I get better prices. That’s not always the rule, because usually, you can have last minute deals, but I’m not for those! I need to know that everything is taking care of and as planned.

Start saving up

Well, you should have done that earlier, but it’s never too late to save up some money for your holiday.  You shouldn’t be disappointed if you can’t save up big amounts, it matters that you save and little by little adds up.

In case you can’t put anything aside for your holiday and you really want to have extra money just in case some unexpected expenses appear, you can always make a small loan at

That way you are covered during your holiday and you can repay it when you come back or when you get your salary.

Enjoy every minute

Now that everything is in place, you just need to sit back and enjoy your holiday. Forget about work, don’t stress and make the most of it! it’s not every day that you’re going on a holiday, so try to have fun and be stress free!



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