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5 Ways To Successfully Break A Bad Habit


Bad habits die hard. Whether it’s smoking, social media addiction, swearing or something as small as biting your nails, breaking a bad habit can be a challenge – it may be something you do subconsciously. If you’re eager to be gone with your bad habit, here are just a few ways that you can successfully break it.

Replace your bad habit with a healthier one

Bad habits often bring us a sense of pleasure and removing them from our lives can leave a sense of emptiness. Finding another healthier habit as a replacement can help to fill this void. A good example is taking up vaping instead of smoking – many people find that this still gives them something to do to fill the gap. Sites like Vape Shop are great for buying e-liquids and e-cigarettes. Other examples of bad habit replacements could include using healthy snacks as a replacement for unhealthy snacks, using words like ‘fiddlesticks’ and ‘sugar’ instead of swear words or picking up a book instead of watching TV.

Get rid of temptations

Having too many temptations around us can cause us to relapse. If you’ve been drinking too much wine in the evenings, you’re not going to find it easy to break the habit if there’s always a bottle of wine in your home. You may also want to think twice about going to places where you may be more tempted to break your habit such as a fast food restaurant with friends if you’re trying to eat more healthy. You could even take drastic measures such as cutting off the wifi after 6 o’clock each evening to stop you trawling through social media. Make sure that the people around you know about these temptations so that they don’t flaunt them in your face.

Record your progress

Recording your progress can help to motivate you by making you aware of each day you successfully break your habit and each day you give in. There are lots of apps that can record your progress such as Lose It! for dieting. You can also set yourself goals and rewards – if you go a whole week without biting your nails, you could allow yourself a celebratory night out. Just make sure that the reward isn’t something that encourages you to go back to your old ways such as celebrating a month without smoking with a cigarette.

Team up with a friend/family member

If you know a friend or family that’s also trying to break the same habit, you could try teaming up with them. This will help you both to motivate one another. You could even attend classes together to overcome your bad habit.

Consider professional help

There are lots of forms of professional help worth considering such as counseling, hypnosis and group classes. Many people find that they benefit from having someone else steer them in the right direction. Try out different types of professional help to see which one works best for you.

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