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Cute, Girly Cars That Will Match Your Aesthetic! 100%


A car gives you so much independence. It makes it easy to get around and get your daily tasks done, there’s no waiting around on unreliable public transport and it can even improve your job prospects as you’re mobile and able to travel easily. But as well as being practical, we want our cars to match our style. Just like we decorate our homes to our taste and use them as a way to show off our personality, our vehicles can do the same. If you’re quite girly and want a car to match, here are three great options.

New Beetle

Volkswagen’s ‘New Beetle’ is the instantly recognizable Beetle shape and was produced between 1998 and 2011. The latest models have had a slight design change and look a little less cute and a bit more sporty (likely to make it appeal to both men and women), it’s still a nice car but not quite as girly as the previous models.

The New Beetle clearly had women drivers in mind, the fact that each came with the famous vase and flower on the dashboard is a dead giveaway! As well as the standard model it also comes as a convertible, and there are plenty of different colour options so it’s easy to find your perfect match.

Be sure to run some comparisons for insurance prices on a site like GoCompare (you can even find insurance tailored for women to cover your girly car!) With there being such a big age range between the newest and oldest models there will be quite a price difference- on top of this there are varying engine sizes too.

Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 craze is still going strong, and it only takes a quick browse through a supermarket car park to see that there are lots of them about. They’re very well loved and a firm favourite amongst girly girls. The stunning retro style interior coupled with cute colour choices has captivated the hearts of many.

With a small engine (you can choose from 90cc or 1.2 litre) it’s a small car so not too expensive to run or insure either. It’s a great choice for a first car, as it’s only a two door it might not be the best choice if you have a family as it will mean clambering in and out past the front seats. But a gorgeously girly car that looks smart inside and out.

Mini Cooper

Another small and adorable car is of course the iconic mini. It’s available in both standard and convertible models, so if you like to drive with the roof down in the summer you have the option to do so. While this would suit male or female drivers it’s favoured amongst girls- especially in white, cream and pastel shades. Popular Youtubers such as Zoella and Fleur de Force have gone with minis as their car of choice, while the newer models can be pricey you can find good deals on slightly older cars.

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