Tips in finding the perfect handbag


Looking for the perfect handbag might sound like an easy thing to do, but trust me, it isn’t! I go through this two times a year when I’m searching for bags and it usually takes me a few weeks, if not months to find something that I can call perfect!

Too picky? Maybe, all I know is that I want to have a bag that suits me and my style and that takes my breath away. Yes, you read well, I want a bag that will make me love it from the very first time I lay my eyes on it. Only then I know that I’ve made the right choice and I picked the ONE for me.

Recently I started searching for my summer bag and I thought it will be a nice idea to share with you some tips that helped me, in the end, find the perfect bag for me. Interested? Then do read on!

Find your style

This is the most important thing! You have to think really well of what kind of bag will suit you. Do you want an everyday bag or for some special occasion? What kind of bag would you like, crossbody, shopper, tote? There are a multitude of styles out there, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t find something for you, that’s close to impossible!

Know your budget

It is important that you set your budget from the beginning and stick to it if possible. I always checked for bags on my price range because I knew that if I find a more expensive bag I would have had a problem. If you know that you can stretch your budget go ahead, but I would not advise you too.

Think longterm

Before I knew better, I was a very impulsive buyer. I bought everything that I liked without thinking and many times I ended up buying bad quality bags that lasted me a few months at best. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad if you buy a cheaper bag, but check its quality before you make the purchase.

If your budget allows it, try to invest in good quality bags because they’re like an investment and they will show their value in time. A leather bag will always last more, plus the quality is amazing!

In one of my searches for the perfect bag, I came across Attavanti, a website that specializes in luxury Italian leather handbags and I immediately fell in love with the bags that I saw there. I can honestly tell you that I haven’t seen so special bag designs in a long time and I am glad I came across this website.

From all the bags that they have, one stole my heart! I love its design, its color and the fact that it’s so practical and stylish at the same time. For me, that’s very important because I have to carry with me also baby stuff all the time and that’s why I need a bag that looks good and has enough space for all my stuff.

italian leather bag

You can still find this bag here at a very good price. I’m still thinking if I should buy it or not because I have enough bags to last me a lifetime but it’s so gorgeous! These bags also caught my attention. They are perfect for summer and very trendy and stylish.

arcadia bag



arcadia snake bag

anna cecere bag

Gorgeous, right? I think so too! There’s something special about Italian handbags that I can’t find in any other bags on the market! Don’t you agree?

These three tips have always helped me find the perfect handbag for me and I really hope that after reading my post, they will be useful for you too. Good luck!

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