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3 Ways to Have Fun Saving Money This Summer


The kids are out of school and somehow, all those things you thought about doing are now being left by the wayside simply because there is little time or money to do them. Actually, you can have fun this summer at a relatively low cost because you can turn simple household chores into a fun-filled event. Check out the following ways you can have fun saving money this summer.

1. Wash the Car at Home

Most kids, even teens, have a ton of fun with the water hose if you let them. Why not let them fool around to their heart’s content while doing something useful in the process? Find the best car wash nozzle you can find and tell them they can suds and rinse the car while getting each other soaking wet in a water war. However, make sure you park the car as far from the road as possible, so that they don’t inadvertently run into oncoming traffic while avoiding the spray. If little kids are involved, mom and/or dad should be out there as well. Don’t rely on teens to keep the little people out of the road. It isn’t going to happen!

2. Free Activities in Your Community

Did you know that your local bowling alley may be a sponsor of the Kids Bowl Free program? All summer long, school-age kids can bowl two games a day for free at participating bowling alleys. It pays to check this one out because kids will have fun with friends enjoying the activity and, if utilized daily, the entire package is worth just about $500! Imagine giving your kids $500 worth of summer fun without spending a penny. That is one great way to save money having fun, isn’t it? However, check with your local bowling alley to see if there are any requirements you must meet. Some may allow kids over a certain age to bowl without parental guidance and others may require a parent or supervising adult on the premises at all times.

3. Backyard BBQing and Camping

While you may want to eat out more often or take the kids on weekend camping trips, time and money may not be available. Why not get together with other parents and take turns hosting a backyard BBQ and camping weekend. If your child has four or five friends they play with regularly and you are comfortable with their parents, why not get together to host one weekend a month for a camping ‘trip.’ Just make sure that there is plenty of parental supervision because kids can get hurt quickly if left on their own. Also, you never really know what dangers may be lurking about out there, so keep this in mind when it’s your turn to have the kids over.

There are plenty of ways to have fun saving money, not only in the summer but all year long. It just takes a bit of creativity and perhaps a little bit of extra energy, but your kids will have the time of their lives. Yes, they all want to go to a theme park, but if that is cost prohibitive, entertain them at home! Free bowling is just one idea, but if you look around, it’s probable that your community centres also sponsor free events like swimming, sports, and other activities. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to entertain the kids, so start researching now. Those long, not-so-lazy days of summer are almost upon us so be ready for the moment when that last bell rings for the school year. You’ll be glad you came prepared.

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